18 November 2015


Whichever party ruled the states for how long is immaterial the scenario is the same. Too many people cramped like cattle in a small area without proper drainage facilities. With slight rain one gets flood water stagnation be it in Madras, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Banglore or Bhubaneswar. Here is the latest scene in Madras following unseasonal rains. No drainage facilities no planning for subsequent rain. The money given by centre is misutilized for party funding and then given freebies to the vote bank. Whether the state is being ruled by Congress, TNC, ANNDMK, DMK, JU (U), BJD, SP or BSP the filth is visible. Roads act like drains hence this problem. Both sides of the road are the houses, some authorized some unauthorized, no drainage facilities. After the water stagnation the roads gets destroyed hence will need repair work. The rains are blessing in disguise for the political party, contractors, middlemen and the laborers.

17 November 2015


Introspection will tell you that the money and property you have are the fruit of your SIN.

12 November 2015


Cutting of vegetables.
Playing cards as Kiran & Susil looked on.
Time for lunch.
Another picnic spot.
APicnic Party:
The Picnic party initiative was taken by doctor parida & doctor patra for organizing the family picnic amongst those who were close to one another and without ego. This picnic site (photo) of Jaraikala of Sundargarh district was chosen by the leaders. But this site for picnic has become risky due to wild animals including human beings. There was no mobile phones, no mineral water hence we used to enjoy the whole day at the picnic site and in the bus. For this Picnic we hired a bus from Deepika School for that year picnic at Jaraikala arranged by doctor parida.The group consisted of bhabani,jaikrishna,subash,prodosh,susil,sanjoy,kiran,deba,sadasiv,padma,soroj, sanjib and their wife and family members, now they are all retired and have become grand fathers and grand mothers. Those were the best days of life for most of us. There was ‘no show’-(phutani) business nor any talks about money, cars and apartments. But of late people go out for picnic but get disturbed due to mobile phone calls from place of work or from relatives and friends. No one carry a camera as it has been replaced by mobile phone with inbuilt camera. Those were the days of non alcoholic drinks in the form of squash or lemon water. We used to drink even river water direct but neither had gastroenteritis nor jaundice.
I had a yashika camera brought by my sister from America. Those cameras were not made in China. A reel used to cost a lot plus the washing and developing charges were much more. Only one studio –madhukar at old rourkela.Subsequently three photo studios came up in the sectors. House wives used to wait eagerly for the Rourkela cold winter to arrive for the annual picnic. The picnic sites were Jhirpani,Sector 20 park on the banks of Koel river, Fruit garden,Jarikala, Khanda dhar,darjing,Sector 2 hill top,Vedavyas,Mandira Dam, sector 14 hill top and few more but less famous spots.
As winter approaches the old dusty and foggy memories of those cold winters of Rourkela, the annual family picnic flashes in my mind once I review the old photographs. As I try to break through the spider webs and come out of those bygone days more webs and dusts cloud my memories. Hope some of the members of that picnic party who have a FB account may love to watch these non digital photographs taken by an amateur photographer-sanjoy.Thank you friend.

10 November 2015


What a verdict by the highest court of India--high decible fire crakers, bombs are fundamental rights so also polygamy.

09 November 2015

08 November 2015


This is the state of 5 day test cricket all over the world.Empty stands in Australia between NZ and OZ at Brisban and Mahali between India and SA.The celebration of a cricket captain after the fall of a wicket--a very vulgar way to do it.They call it aggression.


Breakfast time.Sharing the milk.

04 November 2015


                           My wife brought two rabbits and good luck along with them.Most innocent mammals.They   have a friend called Ringo --a Indian Spitz.

01 November 2015