18 November 2015


Whichever party ruled the states for how long is immaterial the scenario is the same. Too many people cramped like cattle in a small area without proper drainage facilities. With slight rain one gets flood water stagnation be it in Madras, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Banglore or Bhubaneswar. Here is the latest scene in Madras following unseasonal rains. No drainage facilities no planning for subsequent rain. The money given by centre is misutilized for party funding and then given freebies to the vote bank. Whether the state is being ruled by Congress, TNC, ANNDMK, DMK, JU (U), BJD, SP or BSP the filth is visible. Roads act like drains hence this problem. Both sides of the road are the houses, some authorized some unauthorized, no drainage facilities. After the water stagnation the roads gets destroyed hence will need repair work. The rains are blessing in disguise for the political party, contractors, middlemen and the laborers.

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