01 December 2015


Alcohol  and Temple queue in Odisha.

Liquor consumption 500% up in Odisha in 10 yrs
(The pioneer)
Kicking up to a new ‘high’, Odisha seems to be going the binge way as the per capita annual liquor consumption in State has zoomed up by a whopping around 500 per cent in a decade-and-a-half.The consumption of liquor per capita annually in this fiscal has neared to around 5 litres from mere around 700 ml in 2001-02, reveals an analysis of the alcohol lift-off data available with the State Excise Department. The total liquor sales in 2014-15 have touched a new high of around 1,900 lakh litres vis-à-vis mere around 250 lakh litres in 2000-01.Wine consumption alone in State has clocked an explosive growth of over 83 per cent in between 2010-11 and 2015-16.The State, which was already among top-10 beer guzzlers in the country since 2011, keeps ‘kicking’ up well to post annual per capita beer consumption to the tune of over 2 litres in 2015 – 16 till October.
This is called rapid progress.

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