03 January 2016


COST OF ROAD ACCIDENTS – Estimate by the Working Group set up by Planning Commission in the year 2000-- Rs. 55,000 crores (2000 prices), i.e. 3% of GDP.
So what can the public, society, government machinery do to reduce this “death trap”, victims? (death trap is the other name of Roads)
Creation of a dedicated body on Road Safety and Traffic Management body.
􀂾 Formulate Road Safety Action Plan for the Decade
􀂾 Scientific Recording of Database
􀂾 Encourage HRD and R&D for Road Safety
􀂾 Institutionalization of system of database
􀂾 Scientific Accident Investigation
􀂾 Strengthen system of driver licensing
􀂾 Ensure safety of vulnerable road users
􀂾Appropriate enforcement of legislations
􀂾 Emergency medical attention within golden hour

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