27 February 2016


During  medical conferences the chief speaker to impress the audience/press starts his or her speech by breaking out  some statistics  collected from WHO or some Western Sources>>“Every two minutes a lady in India dies due to pregnancy related complications”—in an O&G conference.
“Every two minutes a person dies on road due to road accident”: Orthopedics conference.
“Every ten minutes a person dies of a heart attack, in India!!—Cardiology conference.
“Every day 100 die due to malaria”—Vector disease conference.
“Every ten minutes a person dies of cancer.”— Oncology conference.
“Every third person in India above the age of thirty is a diabetic”—diabetic Conferences.
“Every five minutes a person dies of AIDS”---AIDs conference.
“India will be the headquarters of diabetic and heart patients by 2030”
By these statistics by 2030 there will be hardly any one left in India!!(Not for serious people)


Sadness & depression are not the same. While feeling of sadness will lessen with time, the disorder of depression can continue for months, even years. It affects twice as many women as men. Some of the symptoms are>> changes in appetite, Insomnia or over sleeping, restlessness or irritability, feeling of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt, difficulty in thinking, concentrating or making decisions. Most of us passed through a stage of depression during our life time but over came out of it if we had few good sympathetic relatives or friends. It’s more common amongst single woman or man. Communication is the key, too much expectation out one’s self capabilities is a major cause, and one must know his limitations. Many of the school going children are affected with depression due to parental pressure and expectations. Mothers expect 90% from a 60% standard child! Certain drugs i.e. alcohol, blood pressure medicines etc cause depression. If you have the above symptoms please talk with your parents or friends or your wife before going to a psychiatrist.
(Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy)

26 February 2016


                                                  Now they are past their marriagable age.

15 February 2016


Central Government Pays Rs:27/-State Govt Rs:2/- the person who buys pay Rs:1/- total Rs:30/- per KG.My friend told me to be +ve in posting hence this post.The villagers have been fooled with this one rupee slogan,that if any other party comes the one rupee rice will not be available.This is how many states continue to be in power for decades.Unfortunatly in India  many local parties come to power due to taxi drivers,slum dwellers,Auto drivers,Bangladeshi immigrants,Faulty AVM,Caste system, Muslim votes and fribies.

13 February 2016

Thread ceremony

              A very important event in the life of a Bramhin boy--thread ceremony.But due to callous attitude      present day brahmin boys do not keep the thread on their body, either they wear it on their waist or throw it.But a Muslim boy would have kept it till death.

08 February 2016


                           A TAMARIND TREE ( A LOST IDENTITY)
          Bangiriposi a small place some forty kilometers from Baripada  was famous for it Ghats in the Similipal hills of Mayurbhanj but not any more due to the destruction of the hills and the jungles for construction of the national high way connecting  Kolkata with Mumbai. A huge tamarind tree was in the centre of this sleepy sub divisional head quarter, under its shade a small market place was in existence since many  years. Few days back on the maiden trip of Bhubaneswar –Bangiriposi superfast express I decided to visit this hottest place of Mayurbhanj. Not a single leaf would flutter at night, as wind blowing at night is never heard of in this part of the state, its thunder storm or nothing when it’s summer. After a sleepless night I decided to go to my parental village Pandhada around nine kilometers from Bangiriposi.
The bus stop was near that famous Tamarind tree .I went to the spot where I could catch the morning bus but where is the tree gone? No market, no gathering of people, a vacant place welcomed me. The remnant of the tree was a mute spectator to the horrifying spectacle of removing a hundred years old history with bulldozer.
I asked the wood cutter “what’s has happened to the tree”.
“We removed it as per the order”
“But why”
“Contractor who bought it on auction, told us to remove it”
“With the tree as road divider it could have been preserved”
“We are paid to cut it so we did, rest you can ask the contractor”
“Any idea, how much he paid for it?”
“No idea”
In the mean while a middle aged gentleman with a huge tummy came to me and asked
“Who are you to ask all these questions?”Interjected  the man.
“But you people should have objected to it, there is a national highway from Bangiriposi to Baripada and this road from Kalabadia to Bangiriposi is not frequently used plus there is no point of widening this road in a place like this. For a few thousand rupees a history is removed, and you are asking me why I am concerned? May I know who you are?”
“I worked as a teacher now a forest officer, the order comes from top and we are just pawn in their hands, tell me, what a forest officer can do in a 50kilometer radius jungle with out a gun?”
“Oh I see, there lays the problem.”
As I left the place with nostalgic memories of a legendary tree, I could see flocks of birds who would have taken their night shelter in that tree were helplessly trying to get a substitute home, will they find it?
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

06 February 2016


Calling itself "Odiani," the restaurant tries to live up to its name. That it serves more than 50 (yes, fifty) items is one of its less important highlights. There are about 7 or 8 people running this small eatery at a wayside hovel like mud-hut structure with its walls tastefully done in white jhunti or jhutti. There is traditional Odia  song and music (janana) by singers like Balakrushna Das or his followers. The "boys" are remarkably well-behaved and the manager cum owner is a perfect gentleman. The day I am speaking of happened to be a Monday, and it was a pure vegetarian day. I believe they serve non-veg on Wednesday and Friday (I am not sure). But my advise is to avoid such days. The best part of its vegetarianism from my point of view is that it is without such vegetarian cuisine as "paneer" and "mushroom" (non-Odiani), certainly not the besan-maidia-rice-powder-coated deep-fried veg stuff. No roti or chapati either. No "salad".  kashi Kakudi is served. The rice, served in small quantities comes with the option of arua, usuna, plain or pakhala versions. The curries come without masala; or are any item greasy.
The diversity is spectacular. I cannot even begin to describe it. For example, there are three varieties of "saga."  Baigana poda and chatuni, alu poda and chatuni, tomato poda and chatuni etc. All this is served on a platter with a plantain leaf cover. A small bottle of mineral-water comes with the package. Every item is served in very small even tiny scoops so that nothing is wasted. You can ask for repeats too. "Mana-iccha." The price: an unbelievable Rs 130! There is a credit card machine!
I am writing this because I want this wonderful concept to be supported big-time by patrons like us. Already, unwilling customers are trying to spoil or corrupt the concept itslef. There aren't too many customers. There is no advertisement anywhere. This might die without our support. It will be a tragedy. Unsurprisingly, my driver (a very young man) was not excited about this lunch.
I won't go into the reasons.
If you are driving from Bhubaneswar towards Baleswar, Odiani is on your right. So, take a U turn after crossing the toll gate just before you reach Pankoili.

05 February 2016


The other day a VIP guest in a national conference at Bhubaneswar said ‘people’s attitude has to change for better India’. This is the usual explanation given by so called elite people. Same Indians have a different attitude and are a changed lot in Singapore, USA or in Japan and other foreign lands why? Because the rules are very stringent and there is no escapes from punishment, where as in India the rules are different for different people. The police people are mostly illiterate and from reservation quota and can’t read a visa or a pass port properly and harass foreigners unnecessarily where as lakhs of illegal immigrants are inside India. Unless the politicians, police, judiciary and media person show examples to the public then only the common men will follow suit. As such we have an attitude problem, like coming late to office, plenty of leave, full salary without working, politics, union giri, dadagiri, no punishment, indiscipline & festive mood. With all these it’s very difficult to change the work culture and attitude of the people.