05 February 2016


The other day a VIP guest in a national conference at Bhubaneswar said ‘people’s attitude has to change for better India’. This is the usual explanation given by so called elite people. Same Indians have a different attitude and are a changed lot in Singapore, USA or in Japan and other foreign lands why? Because the rules are very stringent and there is no escapes from punishment, where as in India the rules are different for different people. The police people are mostly illiterate and from reservation quota and can’t read a visa or a pass port properly and harass foreigners unnecessarily where as lakhs of illegal immigrants are inside India. Unless the politicians, police, judiciary and media person show examples to the public then only the common men will follow suit. As such we have an attitude problem, like coming late to office, plenty of leave, full salary without working, politics, union giri, dadagiri, no punishment, indiscipline & festive mood. With all these it’s very difficult to change the work culture and attitude of the people.

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