27 February 2016


Sadness & depression are not the same. While feeling of sadness will lessen with time, the disorder of depression can continue for months, even years. It affects twice as many women as men. Some of the symptoms are>> changes in appetite, Insomnia or over sleeping, restlessness or irritability, feeling of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt, difficulty in thinking, concentrating or making decisions. Most of us passed through a stage of depression during our life time but over came out of it if we had few good sympathetic relatives or friends. It’s more common amongst single woman or man. Communication is the key, too much expectation out one’s self capabilities is a major cause, and one must know his limitations. Many of the school going children are affected with depression due to parental pressure and expectations. Mothers expect 90% from a 60% standard child! Certain drugs i.e. alcohol, blood pressure medicines etc cause depression. If you have the above symptoms please talk with your parents or friends or your wife before going to a psychiatrist.
(Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy)

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