27 February 2016


During  medical conferences the chief speaker to impress the audience/press starts his or her speech by breaking out  some statistics  collected from WHO or some Western Sources>>“Every two minutes a lady in India dies due to pregnancy related complications”—in an O&G conference.
“Every two minutes a person dies on road due to road accident”: Orthopedics conference.
“Every ten minutes a person dies of a heart attack, in India!!—Cardiology conference.
“Every day 100 die due to malaria”—Vector disease conference.
“Every ten minutes a person dies of cancer.”— Oncology conference.
“Every third person in India above the age of thirty is a diabetic”—diabetic Conferences.
“Every five minutes a person dies of AIDS”---AIDs conference.
“India will be the headquarters of diabetic and heart patients by 2030”
By these statistics by 2030 there will be hardly any one left in India!!(Not for serious people)

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