27 March 2016


Indians have an obsession with cricket. Half of Indian population is keeping their fingers crossed for today’s match between India and Australia. In football they are at the bottom ten, in hockey they just qualify for the champions trophy and Olympic. In tennis our players win half trophy because their partners are from other countries. So a ten nation game is everything for India. The players are treated as Gods, the rules are bent by ICC to suit our team and players even ‘Puja’ are offered to different Gods and Goddess in the country. In one World cup the Indian captain sacrificed one goat for the victory.
No one treat the game as another form of sports. Millions of dollars change hands, some lose their house & property, and others build Mansions. Some gift away the betting money to political parties. We do not know how many might be offered “Raupadi” as bet. It’s a Modern form of Mahabharata, which is being telecast live.
With a shadow of sorrow looming large over the country, which can be spotted from insat 1B, it would be better for cricket and Indians to win this tournament. In case they lose, Namo & NDA may be labeled as inauspicious and questions may be raised in the parliament by the sleeve twisting oppositions. As per the predictions, India will defeat Australia badly as they did it a couple of months back in their home ground, 3—0.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
*Not for die hard cricket fans staying in other countries and show off as patriotics.

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