05 March 2016


Purusottam had a second hand lambretta scooter, a proud passion those days. One summer evening two of his friends Bikram and Dilip were undecided about a Hindi film starring Jennet Amen & Devanand at Apsara talkies. They had no conveyance of their own as they had sold of their fantabulous bike, when they met Purusu as they used to call him & asked for the scooter. Willingly he handed over the scooter with the engine in running condition. Usually he would give his scooter happily to any of his friends with an idea that whoever takes it would have  to fill the tank with petrol before going on a long journey of more than ten kilometers. With the song blurring out from a mike ‘mere sapno ki rani’ the friends went happily straight to the cinema hall. Dilip went for the tickets and Bikram took the bike for the scooter stand. The scooter boy came and attached a fifty paisa ticket on the clutch groove. Bikram was finding it difficult to park the vehicle on stand when the scooter stand boy laughed and said ‘babu, there is no stand. No return of money, it’s your headache to park it.’ In the mean while Dilip came back with two balcony tickets.
“Dilip, return those tickets, this bloody scooter has neither brakes nor a stand.”An angry Bikram said.
So they returned to the same spot from where they took the scooter. They found a smiling Purusu gossiping with a shopkeeper. Bikram blasted him but he did not react and suggested him “that he should have leaned the scooter on a wall, as simple as that.”All burst out with a laughter and went for snacks, who paid for the bill we do not know.
(This is a real life drama. This story is dedicated to G.Purusottam and Dilip Pattnaik, they are no more)
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.

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