23 April 2016


Organ Transplant:
  • The recent advances in medicine have given some false hope and dreams to the victims of certain conditions and diseases, in this modern era. Out of which organ transplant and anti cancer drugs lead the list? We should know some aspect of organ transplant, as a medical education for the public. For example after spending some lakhs of rupees there is no guarantee that the person would be cured of the problem of kidney or liver failure. The rejection could occur after few weeks to few months or the person may die of infection or acute rejection. After spending a fortune the person will need forty to fifty thousand of rupees every month for drugs plus life style modifications. People get sentimental and sell their ornaments, house, car and lands to become beggars after few months or years. The truth would be known sooner or later. Neither the person nor his property would be there with his family. People who are old enough to die or have multi organ diseases, cancer and cannot change their bad habits should not be subjected to organ transplant procedure because after spending so much the other family members would be cursing their fate. What I have written here is from my own practical experience. Yes, few lucky ones do survive but at a cost and they are rich enough to do so. Medical man will always focus on the rosy side not the dark side of an organ transplant.

In up to one in every three liver transplant patients, the immune system attacks the new           liver and stops it from working properly. This is known as rejection and it usually occurs   in the weeks or months after a transplant. Kidney failure affects up to one in every three people with a liver transplant, usually as a side effect of taking immunosuppressant medication. Here are some side effects of the drugs which a transplant patient would face. Bone thinning and bone damage, Diabetes mellitus, Excessive hair growth or hair loss, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, increased risk of cancer, particularly skin cancer and lymphoma, Infection and edema.

These are few indications of a kidney or liver transplant.1.One and only one  earning member of the family with insurance coverage 2.Is rich and can afford it 3.Young person 4.Creative person and useful to the family and society5.Family support and available donors. If someone is able to perform his or her day to day activities with conservative treatment then he or she should continue it without taking a risk of organ transplant.
Many people think organ transplant is like changing the compressor of an air conditioner, which is not. One should remember that a person has an expiry date and prolonging life on sentimental ground and then repenting after wards is a foolish idea. Do not be swayed away by advertisements and statistics, be practical in life.
(Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy)


Grumbler: Bhubaneswar-Bangiriposi Express train takes just few minutes over three hours to cover 200 kilometers distance up to Balasore.Very good train for passengers travelling from Bhbubaneswar to Jajpur,Bhadrak,Balasore and Baripada.One friend of mine is a great grumbler and would always criticise the railways. Last time he met a match--a business man of Balasore and that man thrashed him when he heard the grumbler's criticism.He said 'if you want comfort then why don't you travel by bus or hire AC taxi? No, you will cover this 200kilometers by paying 60 rupees only because you are a senior citizen but can't spend Rs:200 for the bus journey.You should be grateful to railways that you could cover this distance with so little money.You get 30% rebate for senior citizen + subsidy from railway both put together comes to 60%, and you grumble for a train being late by 20 minutes?Ask your co- passengers and hawkers not to pull chain and the train could reach in 180 minutes."We heard that from that day my friend has become mute.

18 April 2016


Rahagiri means ciclovia or cyclovia, is a Spanish term that means "cycle way”. Basically we the Indians are expert in copying other’s ideas, or we can say ‘copy cats’, be it songs, cinema, novels, cars or life style. This is an event that started in Bogotá, Colombia, in the year 1976 and later spread to other countries. Ciclovia means the closing of certain streets to automobiles and keeping it exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians, for a fixed period of time. The practice is also called ‘open streets.’ Gurguon has started doing it from 2014 and other cities followed it and Odisha started it from 2016.Actually we have been practicing Rahagiri in Orissa (Dadagiri) since long. We block even our national highways for hours and also from Master Canteen to PMG Square (MGRoad) as long as the assembly session lasts, that’s also ‘Rahagiri in style’. We call it ‘Dadagiri’ which is equivalent of ‘Rahagiri’ in our mind.
When there is scarcity of water in the villages, slum areas, jaundice epidemic, high IMR, killing of innocent animals and birds with forest fires how much this Rahagiri is going to help the state and its people is difficult to envisage. A particular political party is ruling the state of Odisha for sixteen years but there are no solutions to the perennial problems of the state like flood, draught, potato, mining theft, chit funds, babagiri, onion shortages, but the people of this lazy state are happy with Rs: 5/plate of meals, one rupee rice and wheat. Earlier programs have become a failure with scandal and corruptions so also a time will come when we would know about how the money was spent on Rahagiri. We have some festival or other on alternate days in the state and people enjoy with DZ music, alcohol, fire crakers and Audi car in the evening hours so what is the need of Rahagiri when the cycle tracks, footpath are being used for driving Pulsars and Suzuki Bandits ? One cannot walk nor did cycle on Bhubaneswar roads for few kilometers, without being hospitalized.
If the government is serious about Rahagiri they can implement this idea for “free” from next week. Most of the young and old people would not cycle without publicity and money. But we can give it a try.
From 06hours to 07 hours and 16 to 17 hours, cycles time in a particular locality/roads. No other vehicles will be allowed during this time. No Rahagiri on Saturdays.
 From KITTs square to JaidevVihar--Mondays.
From BaniVihar to Master Canteen—Tuesdays
Airport to JaidevVihar—  Wednesdays.
Kalpana square to Rosulgarh---Thursdays
Acharyavihar to Bhubaneswar club—Fridays
Rabi talkies to Kalpana square—Sundays
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
A columnist and critics for anything and everything.

16 April 2016


Morning Walk:
Morning walk has become a status symbol for some and health benefit for others, taking tea and going through the news paper for free for some. Few are driven out from home by the wife as she can’t tolerate his morning tantrums. After the heart attack or a stroke few people start getting up early and go out but come back and sleep again till 7am.Doctors advice their patients for morning walk but very few of them do it themselves. Many doctors avoid the morning walk for fear of free consultations and advice for the fellow walkers. One famous physician of Delhi used to go out for morning walk just because he had a slightly high blood sugar level but trying to control his sugar he would have been paralyzed from neck and below as some bike fellow knocked him down on the foot path. He has stopped his morning walk since then. Some of the morning walkers go out to smoke or enjoy a cup of tea with sugar as other members had not left their bed. The house of morning walker’s house is an easy target for the burglars. Some old people go out to gossip politics and relax from the heavy uncomely environment of their home. For some, this morning time is the best time of the day. Some of the story and poem writers get some writing material for their pen. Some go for the dog’s morning walk. One would find an obese dog in fat people’s house. Few go out in the name of morning walk just to steal flowers for their gods and goddesses.
To lose weight few couple who are obese goes out wearing the costly gifted shoes brought from abroad for the morning walk. We do not know whether it’s for the shoes they go out or actually they get some benefit. Unless someone walks briskly for five kilometers daily there would be no weight loss. Some walkers feel exhausted and drink a glass of lassi with malai on top after the walk. Walking inside a park is alright but it’s over crowded depending on locality. Morning walk does not help to reduce your weight unless you reduce your calorie. Three hundred ml of Fanta or Miranda or Frooti means 45 grams of sugar, remember that and enough to neutralize your morning walk. Lassi means much more calories. This article is not meant to discourage the morning or evening walkers but to make them aware that it’s not beneficial unless done properly with reduced calories. Just to finish the topic one interesting observation about the grey haired ‘evening walkers’ inside the park is to watch young girls and boys sitting together in Hindi filmy style. A good gene, disciplined life style, balanced diet and a standard weight is the key to good health and longevity not the morning walk with a pair of Lotto shoes and a half pant. The heat, dust ,petrol and diesel pollution neutralizes every good thing of life.
“Wishing you all a happy morning walker’s day keep on walking, it helps you in long run”.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


Another doctor dies.Doctor B.S.Dash, ex.medical superitendent of IGH expired on 15-04-16.He was a good and helpful person.The best part was he never got angry to any comments or abuse.He was 75 years old.We wish him to take rest from administration and get engaged in some other past time, because no one likes to rest in peace(RIP) these days,love to earn till death.

11 April 2016


What happens if a child is left with grandparents too often or for long period of time who have enough money to spare, majority of them may follow these trends?
1. The child becomes arrogant
2. Shows tantrum easily
3.  Child becomes proud as he or she grows up.
4. Does not care for others
5.  Picks up bad habits and manners of grand parents
6. Easy availability of money makes the child buy unnecessary things or become a drug addict as he grows.
7. Very choosy in food habits
8. Comfort seeking
9. Argumentative
10. Precocious
11. Obesity

PS: A child should not be left too often with grand parents or cousins without the presence of parents unless someone wants to spoil the child.