23 April 2016


Grumbler: Bhubaneswar-Bangiriposi Express train takes just few minutes over three hours to cover 200 kilometers distance up to Balasore.Very good train for passengers travelling from Bhbubaneswar to Jajpur,Bhadrak,Balasore and Baripada.One friend of mine is a great grumbler and would always criticise the railways. Last time he met a match--a business man of Balasore and that man thrashed him when he heard the grumbler's criticism.He said 'if you want comfort then why don't you travel by bus or hire AC taxi? No, you will cover this 200kilometers by paying 60 rupees only because you are a senior citizen but can't spend Rs:200 for the bus journey.You should be grateful to railways that you could cover this distance with so little money.You get 30% rebate for senior citizen + subsidy from railway both put together comes to 60%, and you grumble for a train being late by 20 minutes?Ask your co- passengers and hawkers not to pull chain and the train could reach in 180 minutes."We heard that from that day my friend has become mute.

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