16 April 2016


Morning Walk:
Morning walk has become a status symbol for some and health benefit for others, taking tea and going through the news paper for free for some. Few are driven out from home by the wife as she can’t tolerate his morning tantrums. After the heart attack or a stroke few people start getting up early and go out but come back and sleep again till 7am.Doctors advice their patients for morning walk but very few of them do it themselves. Many doctors avoid the morning walk for fear of free consultations and advice for the fellow walkers. One famous physician of Delhi used to go out for morning walk just because he had a slightly high blood sugar level but trying to control his sugar he would have been paralyzed from neck and below as some bike fellow knocked him down on the foot path. He has stopped his morning walk since then. Some of the morning walkers go out to smoke or enjoy a cup of tea with sugar as other members had not left their bed. The house of morning walker’s house is an easy target for the burglars. Some old people go out to gossip politics and relax from the heavy uncomely environment of their home. For some, this morning time is the best time of the day. Some of the story and poem writers get some writing material for their pen. Some go for the dog’s morning walk. One would find an obese dog in fat people’s house. Few go out in the name of morning walk just to steal flowers for their gods and goddesses.
To lose weight few couple who are obese goes out wearing the costly gifted shoes brought from abroad for the morning walk. We do not know whether it’s for the shoes they go out or actually they get some benefit. Unless someone walks briskly for five kilometers daily there would be no weight loss. Some walkers feel exhausted and drink a glass of lassi with malai on top after the walk. Walking inside a park is alright but it’s over crowded depending on locality. Morning walk does not help to reduce your weight unless you reduce your calorie. Three hundred ml of Fanta or Miranda or Frooti means 45 grams of sugar, remember that and enough to neutralize your morning walk. Lassi means much more calories. This article is not meant to discourage the morning or evening walkers but to make them aware that it’s not beneficial unless done properly with reduced calories. Just to finish the topic one interesting observation about the grey haired ‘evening walkers’ inside the park is to watch young girls and boys sitting together in Hindi filmy style. A good gene, disciplined life style, balanced diet and a standard weight is the key to good health and longevity not the morning walk with a pair of Lotto shoes and a half pant. The heat, dust ,petrol and diesel pollution neutralizes every good thing of life.
“Wishing you all a happy morning walker’s day keep on walking, it helps you in long run”.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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