23 April 2016


Organ Transplant:
  • The recent advances in medicine have given some false hope and dreams to the victims of certain conditions and diseases, in this modern era. Out of which organ transplant and anti cancer drugs lead the list? We should know some aspect of organ transplant, as a medical education for the public. For example after spending some lakhs of rupees there is no guarantee that the person would be cured of the problem of kidney or liver failure. The rejection could occur after few weeks to few months or the person may die of infection or acute rejection. After spending a fortune the person will need forty to fifty thousand of rupees every month for drugs plus life style modifications. People get sentimental and sell their ornaments, house, car and lands to become beggars after few months or years. The truth would be known sooner or later. Neither the person nor his property would be there with his family. People who are old enough to die or have multi organ diseases, cancer and cannot change their bad habits should not be subjected to organ transplant procedure because after spending so much the other family members would be cursing their fate. What I have written here is from my own practical experience. Yes, few lucky ones do survive but at a cost and they are rich enough to do so. Medical man will always focus on the rosy side not the dark side of an organ transplant.

In up to one in every three liver transplant patients, the immune system attacks the new           liver and stops it from working properly. This is known as rejection and it usually occurs   in the weeks or months after a transplant. Kidney failure affects up to one in every three people with a liver transplant, usually as a side effect of taking immunosuppressant medication. Here are some side effects of the drugs which a transplant patient would face. Bone thinning and bone damage, Diabetes mellitus, Excessive hair growth or hair loss, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, increased risk of cancer, particularly skin cancer and lymphoma, Infection and edema.

These are few indications of a kidney or liver transplant.1.One and only one  earning member of the family with insurance coverage 2.Is rich and can afford it 3.Young person 4.Creative person and useful to the family and society5.Family support and available donors. If someone is able to perform his or her day to day activities with conservative treatment then he or she should continue it without taking a risk of organ transplant.
Many people think organ transplant is like changing the compressor of an air conditioner, which is not. One should remember that a person has an expiry date and prolonging life on sentimental ground and then repenting after wards is a foolish idea. Do not be swayed away by advertisements and statistics, be practical in life.
(Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy)

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