20 May 2016


                                                                            There was rapid drop in subsoil water lever in certain parts of Bhubaneswar. People knew this is going to happen but as usual blamed the government for the water problem. One such senior retired central Government officer who had never experienced water scarcity in his life was a victim to this sub soil water problem. He had given the upper floor of his house on rent for rupees ten thousand. The tenant was furious for the water problem and threatened the owner Mr. Paul, that he would deduct money for the tanker charges. There was scarcity of municipality water supply too due to dry river beds. Mr. Paul had an old fashioned ‘well’ but due to poor maintenance that too had gone almost dry.
The water problem became more serious and there was lots of exchange of offensive language between the two ladies, lady of the house and the tenant’s wife. Ultimately a consensus was arrived when they agreed to share the cost of the water tanker in equal parts. The tanker was called over phone and it reached by 11am when the temperature had touched 40degree centigrade at Lewis road locality of Bhubaneswar. Earlier they used to call it a ‘temple city’, and then they called it ‘smart city’ now they call it ‘blast furnace city’.
That was a huge tanker, cost was Rs: 1000/- for the water. The problem was where to store three thousand gallons of water? The ladies decided that the safe place would be the ‘well’. The tanker fellow connected the hose pipe to the well and evacuated the contents, took the money and left in a hurry. Now the tenant and the house owner were relieved of the tension for the next few days, as three thousand gallons of water was not a small amount, they thought. After few hours the water pump was started to fill up the over head tank of the house but there was no sound of water being pumped to the top floor. The servant went to the top and told the owner that no water is being pumped; probably there was something wrong with the pump.
The pump was checked and found to be in working condition, and then why no water was being pumped, was the question. The servant looked at the well and said “madam there is no water in the well”. One thousand rupees and three thousand gallons of clean water have gone in the drain within three hours. Probably the water was sucked dry by the negative pressure of the subsoil water level. Till the last hour we were informed that they have purchased few big plastic buckets and have constructed a big cement tanks inside the bathroom. The tenant has left the rented house and has started to stay in a nearby hotel, till the water condition improved. The hotel bill would be adjusted with the house rent in subsequent months. That locality was making news like a laughter show, when people came to know about ‘storing water in a dry well’.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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