29 August 2016


Yoga for Health:
The other day I went to meet a friend of mine at ten o’clock in the morning. After signing the log book with the security guard, I went climbing the stairs to the third floor because I did not like the idea of using the lift, which was not function properly due to low voltage. Actually I overheard two occupants talking with the caretaker. 
I pressed the calling bell, after five minutes my friends’ wife Joshna opened the door. She has already seen me through the CCTV. Due to frequent thefts and killing of senior citizens, one finds a CCTV everywhere except in the toilets.
‘Where is Dev?’ I asked
‘He is resting’ she said while offering me a glass of crystal clear water.
‘But -why at this time of the day’? I was curious to know.
‘You see your friend gets up at 5am and goes for Pranayam and other Yogic exercise till 06:30 hours. Then he takes herbal tea and the goes out for a morning walk wearing those Lotto shoes he has brought recently from Bangalore.’ His daily routine, be it rainy or summer.
‘But why he is putting so much of strain on his aging body? I never do any such exercise but able to lead a normal life without going to hospitals for periodic checkups. Every year I am paying five thousand rupees for the Mediclaim premium but have not recovered a single rupee, you see.’ I commented while taking a piece of homemade ‘ Nadia kora’ from a decorative ceramic plate.
‘You are lucky in that sense. After his last periodic checkups doctor told him to restrict his food or lose weight. He has not restricted his food intake but has increased his exercise hours instead. Should I call him?’ Joshna asked with a nice smile on her face.
“No don’t disturb him. Just tell him that I had come for a courtesy visit. I will come some other time.” I thanked her for the sweets, coffee and started my down ward journey. While going out of the room to tie the shoe laces, I looked at the watch, it was 10:50 hours.
Sanjoy Satpathy

26 August 2016


Lady as a co-passenger in a super fast express:
I took the reserved seat number 60 in Superfast express at Bhubaneswar station. The seat number 59 was unoccupied so I was comfortably seated. I was careful with my luggage. The train 12912 left exactly at 17:10 hours and reach Cuttack platform number one on time. A smiling tall lady wearing a red sari and red bangles occupied the seat 59 next to me. I was happy to get a lady passenger after so many years of traveling in Indian Railways. She did not disturb me nor did I. Actually I had no courage due to women empowerment to talk to her, as she was talking over her mobile. Exactly after 55 minutes run the train came to a screeching halt at Jajpur Road station. She peeped through the window to make sure she had not reached her destination. She offered me few ‘labanga’ which I accepted and thanked her. Then put one in my mouth to neutralize the foul breath due to closed mouth, she smiled.
Exactly after 40 minutes run the super fast express reached Bhadrak station. My co passenger ‘59’ got down there and was greeted by five of ‘her colleagues’ on the platform with loud clapping. She was not a lady as I had presumed.
*Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.
PS: Where an Indian life has no value, death sometimes has its price. That’s why government has started giving money for the dead.

24 August 2016


Before getting married , whether love or arranged these following tests are a must or else the whole life one of them would be repenting or crying for the decision.
Why one gets married?
1.To have a family and the next generation would take over.
2.For sex (one need not get married for sex)
3.For money in form of dowry or wife's earning or boys earning
4.Falling in love
5.To become famous because of the husband or wife
6.to inherit property and become rich
7. a house wife who would take care of family, aging parents and the house.
These following conditions are a big headache for the girl or the boy and the next generation.1.HIV+ve2.Wilson's disease3.SLE4.Thyroid diease 5.Uncontrolled diabetes 6.Impotence 7.Heart diasease 8.Asthma 9.Sicle cell diasease and Thalasemia10.Sudden death in the family 11.Macular degeration 12.Epilepsy 13.Mental illness-Schizophrenia 14.Alcoholic groom 15.Hepatitis +ve.
As a doctor and wellwisher of the next generation i have mentioned these few important condition or else both the party would be crying through out their life.Our forefathers were not fools to get a girl or a boy from a known family.Interstate or inter religion or inter country marriages are like cross bidding a spitz with a greyhound or a country dog.
There was a king in France who advocated marriage between diabetes family only , why you know? So that the gene would soon die out from that country.Even a famous doctor advocated the same and was criticized and he had to face lots of problem.Because of your sin why your children should suffer.India is not doing well in sports because of the above conditions mostly diabetes.
Thank you for reading.Take your doctor's advice before getting married.If its blind love go ahead and cry later.Divorce is not easy in India.

22 August 2016


Pseudo patriotism:
There are three types of patriotic persons in India but majority are pseudo. Type one are real patriots who are in defense service, 0.5% politicians who wants to do good for the country are to some extent patriotic, third types are our farmers and common man. The patriotic comments have an underlying objective, some vested interests but in true sense these persons are actually hypocrites. Take for example, a recent comment by a lady journalist who said some unpalatable truths about the Indian performance in Olympics. I too agreed with her views but few pseudo moralists called her an “H” and all sorts of names. Is it fair in a democratic country? Whereas the other day a very patriotic person charged few crores for singing the national anthem! How many of us revolted against the JNU student’s comment at Delhi, None. Patriotic country is slowly but surely getting divided by religion, caste, rich-poor, regional feelings, rivers, skin color and language for vote banks and other reasons. Why different state governments give away crores of tax payer’s money? Are these athletes not from India? It’s the sports authority who should pay. Why regional feeling is coming up? Other countries give incentives but not so much. Some pay 25-30 lakhs for gold, 15-20 lakhs for silver and 10-15 lakhs for bronze. Senior citizen’s bank interest on fixed deposits is being reduced from 10% to 8%, because our economy condition is not so good in reality. One wrestler who was sent one month before to Rio for training lost in five minutes!! How much our government spent on him? Who would answer to this?
Number of pass port issued in last few months to Indians has touched one lakh, why? Our patriotic Indians are going out to work as slaves for other countries!!And those patriotic Indians get thrashing when they celebrate when the country which give them jobs and bread gets defeated by India!! Think over it my patriotic Indians.
Last night I went out for a hair cut because it was raining and I was sure there would be less hairy persons in that saloon . The young hairdresser told me while cutting my hair to size;
“Sir, Odisha saved few crores of rupees.”
“How, come?”
“Had any of our sports persons from Odisha or Odiya origin had won a bronze then our CM would have declared few crores of rupees to compete with Haryana sarkar plus a job. That way a poor state narrowly escaped from getting bankrupt.” While spraying some water on my hair he said.
“But that will encourage others to participate in sports and bring glory to the country” I said without moving my head.
“Sir, out of 118 only two medals, comes down to 1.69 medals per hundred athletes. Is it worth it to spend so much? What about those who were banned? And the money spent on their food stay and travelling for last four years? Even if I take ten births as a barber still then it would not be possible to see how two crores looks like. It depressed me to know the amount of freebies and cash our governments give to these sports persons! All show business, it’s neither from their money nor their father’s. With that money hundreds of families could have been rehabilitated?” Giving a finishing touch with a broken blade he said.
I said “neither my father nor any of our villagers have seen crores of rupees. Do not worry we should be happy with a small house, two meals a day, few dress to cover ourselves and some dignity. Actually this disparity of money distribution brings out the beast out of an individual, some control it others become criminals, that’s it.”
Some of the engineering students who came after me were waiting for their turn. They also participated in this patriotic discussion and agreed to what my hairdresser had said. One of the engineering students from Odisha neighboring state commented “now everyone is a patriotic-hypocrite, shows of patriotism for fear of being beaten up or getting punished .When someone winning a bronze or beating a weak WI or Bangladesh team, one has to celebrate, show off with a drink or two but the same patriotic persons never join or send their children to join military service. They burn Government properties and call frequent Bandhs/strikes as if India is under foreign rule? Last night we had a fight on this issue in our hostel. If someone points out that this pampering is no good in long run because in last seven decades we have not exceeded the numbers of medal a single American swimmer won in last few Olympics. No other country gives so much of facilities and money and jobs to their athletes. For that reason so many foreign players come and play IPL. Giving money in advance to someone for getting selected through backdoor is bad for the game and the country.”
A friend of that student intervened and said smiling “Why don’t you run like Bolt and bring medals, you too could become super rich?”
“Talents are not like genetic engineered seeds so that we can produce Bolts and Phelps. They are born. Only money can’t produce a world class athlete, that’s why none of our film stars or politicians or rich person’s sons or daughters is an Olympic champion?  It’s the poverty and sufferings which brings out the best from a young person, not money or encouragements alone.” said another gentleman having his hair colored.
I came out smiling from that saloon with an impression that there are still real patriotic persons in our society. They are not like our retired professors, senior citizens, film stars and politicians who fly to foreign land to get an ultrasound done or to get treated for running nose but boasts themselves as real patriotic Indians. Those patriotic Indian citizen’s children work as slaves in other countries and they are the people who show off patriotism the most, they will not like this type of articles and reject it as a cynic writing.
Jai Hind.

21 August 2016


Do you know that most of the practicing doctors of Odisha (other states i have no idea) do not go on leave during July--August and September months, even if some near and dear one dies? They come back within 12 hours. The reason being, this period is the best time of the year for earning more money for the whole year. More the rain better is the private practice. More gastroenteritis, dengue, malaria and viral fever follows after the rain subside. The incidence of death has come down but the morbidity has not changed. A male mosquito which lives for a week and the females live for three to four weeks play havoc during these months. It’s the female who needs blood for their eggs. Poor males are vegetarian and don’t live long. Female mosquitoes bite birds, human beings, cows, pigs, vertebrates and also invertebrates for blood. The mosquitoes are living on this earth much before human beings came, ie70 to 100 million years ago. They are having the last laugh (see the cartoon). In order to kill mosquitoes we have invited cancer by inhaling all sorts of fumes from coils to sprays. The small children are most affected. We avoid using mosquito net because it’s out dated, suffocating. No one knows how much of these fumes cause harm to our body. I stopped using it long back because my pet dogs become sick and vomit once they inhale these evaporated chemicals. Like diapers its a million dollar business no one is going to stop this. Some good Brahmins seldom suffer from malaria because they have immunity. Smoking is dangerous to heath but the inhalation of these mosquito repellent fumes are more dangerous, but there is no warning mentioned on these packets or products. I have tried to inform the real danger in our house. Malaria, dengue and other mosquito transmitted diseases have treatment and chances of complete recovery with some sort of immunity but if you have cancer, then??Choice is yours, use mosquito net or the fashionable coils and perfumes. Do not blame the doctors. The human race has been defeated by this small creature called mosquitoes.

15 August 2016

Creating History

Indian public on 9th day.

These rituals donot help in Olympics.

                                                            PM was busy with photo sessions.

Reason for the poor show by Indians at Rio Olympics:
1. Fear of Zika virus
2. Mosquito bites causing disturbed sleep
3. Time zone
4. No Indian Food was served
5. Poluted water
6. No reservations policy in the events
7. No VIP treatment to Indians
8. No temples near the Olympic village
9. No encouragements from public
10. Sledging by the public and other athletes as “no medal team”