24 August 2016


Before getting married , whether love or arranged these following tests are a must or else the whole life one of them would be repenting or crying for the decision.
Why one gets married?
1.To have a family and the next generation would take over.
2.For sex (one need not get married for sex)
3.For money in form of dowry or wife's earning or boys earning
4.Falling in love
5.To become famous because of the husband or wife
6.to inherit property and become rich
7. a house wife who would take care of family, aging parents and the house.
These following conditions are a big headache for the girl or the boy and the next generation.1.HIV+ve2.Wilson's disease3.SLE4.Thyroid diease 5.Uncontrolled diabetes 6.Impotence 7.Heart diasease 8.Asthma 9.Sicle cell diasease and Thalasemia10.Sudden death in the family 11.Macular degeration 12.Epilepsy 13.Mental illness-Schizophrenia 14.Alcoholic groom 15.Hepatitis +ve.
As a doctor and wellwisher of the next generation i have mentioned these few important condition or else both the party would be crying through out their life.Our forefathers were not fools to get a girl or a boy from a known family.Interstate or inter religion or inter country marriages are like cross bidding a spitz with a greyhound or a country dog.
There was a king in France who advocated marriage between diabetes family only , why you know? So that the gene would soon die out from that country.Even a famous doctor advocated the same and was criticized and he had to face lots of problem.Because of your sin why your children should suffer.India is not doing well in sports because of the above conditions mostly diabetes.
Thank you for reading.Take your doctor's advice before getting married.If its blind love go ahead and cry later.Divorce is not easy in India.

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