21 August 2016


Do you know that most of the practicing doctors of Odisha (other states i have no idea) do not go on leave during July--August and September months, even if some near and dear one dies? They come back within 12 hours. The reason being, this period is the best time of the year for earning more money for the whole year. More the rain better is the private practice. More gastroenteritis, dengue, malaria and viral fever follows after the rain subside. The incidence of death has come down but the morbidity has not changed. A male mosquito which lives for a week and the females live for three to four weeks play havoc during these months. It’s the female who needs blood for their eggs. Poor males are vegetarian and don’t live long. Female mosquitoes bite birds, human beings, cows, pigs, vertebrates and also invertebrates for blood. The mosquitoes are living on this earth much before human beings came, ie70 to 100 million years ago. They are having the last laugh (see the cartoon). In order to kill mosquitoes we have invited cancer by inhaling all sorts of fumes from coils to sprays. The small children are most affected. We avoid using mosquito net because it’s out dated, suffocating. No one knows how much of these fumes cause harm to our body. I stopped using it long back because my pet dogs become sick and vomit once they inhale these evaporated chemicals. Like diapers its a million dollar business no one is going to stop this. Some good Brahmins seldom suffer from malaria because they have immunity. Smoking is dangerous to heath but the inhalation of these mosquito repellent fumes are more dangerous, but there is no warning mentioned on these packets or products. I have tried to inform the real danger in our house. Malaria, dengue and other mosquito transmitted diseases have treatment and chances of complete recovery with some sort of immunity but if you have cancer, then??Choice is yours, use mosquito net or the fashionable coils and perfumes. Do not blame the doctors. The human race has been defeated by this small creature called mosquitoes.

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