26 August 2016


Lady as a co-passenger in a super fast express:
I took the reserved seat number 60 in Superfast express at Bhubaneswar station. The seat number 59 was unoccupied so I was comfortably seated. I was careful with my luggage. The train 12912 left exactly at 17:10 hours and reach Cuttack platform number one on time. A smiling tall lady wearing a red sari and red bangles occupied the seat 59 next to me. I was happy to get a lady passenger after so many years of traveling in Indian Railways. She did not disturb me nor did I. Actually I had no courage due to women empowerment to talk to her, as she was talking over her mobile. Exactly after 55 minutes run the train came to a screeching halt at Jajpur Road station. She peeped through the window to make sure she had not reached her destination. She offered me few ‘labanga’ which I accepted and thanked her. Then put one in my mouth to neutralize the foul breath due to closed mouth, she smiled.
Exactly after 40 minutes run the super fast express reached Bhadrak station. My co passenger ‘59’ got down there and was greeted by five of ‘her colleagues’ on the platform with loud clapping. She was not a lady as I had presumed.
*Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.
PS: Where an Indian life has no value, death sometimes has its price. That’s why government has started giving money for the dead.

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