29 August 2016


Yoga for Health:
The other day I went to meet a friend of mine at ten o’clock in the morning. After signing the log book with the security guard, I went climbing the stairs to the third floor because I did not like the idea of using the lift, which was not function properly due to low voltage. Actually I overheard two occupants talking with the caretaker. 
I pressed the calling bell, after five minutes my friends’ wife Joshna opened the door. She has already seen me through the CCTV. Due to frequent thefts and killing of senior citizens, one finds a CCTV everywhere except in the toilets.
‘Where is Dev?’ I asked
‘He is resting’ she said while offering me a glass of crystal clear water.
‘But -why at this time of the day’? I was curious to know.
‘You see your friend gets up at 5am and goes for Pranayam and other Yogic exercise till 06:30 hours. Then he takes herbal tea and the goes out for a morning walk wearing those Lotto shoes he has brought recently from Bangalore.’ His daily routine, be it rainy or summer.
‘But why he is putting so much of strain on his aging body? I never do any such exercise but able to lead a normal life without going to hospitals for periodic checkups. Every year I am paying five thousand rupees for the Mediclaim premium but have not recovered a single rupee, you see.’ I commented while taking a piece of homemade ‘ Nadia kora’ from a decorative ceramic plate.
‘You are lucky in that sense. After his last periodic checkups doctor told him to restrict his food or lose weight. He has not restricted his food intake but has increased his exercise hours instead. Should I call him?’ Joshna asked with a nice smile on her face.
“No don’t disturb him. Just tell him that I had come for a courtesy visit. I will come some other time.” I thanked her for the sweets, coffee and started my down ward journey. While going out of the room to tie the shoe laces, I looked at the watch, it was 10:50 hours.
Sanjoy Satpathy

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