29 October 2016


Wrong Concept on Sleep:
                                                      There are different views about sleep. Some experts say it should be 6 hours others say 7 hours and some say 5 hours. Remember no two persons on this world are similar in health and disease. Some suffers from malaria repeatedly others suffer once and dies. Even different disease and heart attack behave differently on different persons. One may need more and some may need less sleep. If someone follows the PM of India routine, then he may die prematurely. A new born child sleeps for 18 to 20 hours a day but with increase in age the amount of sleeping hours come down. Pregnant and beautiful ladies sleep more but senior citizens need sleeping pills for sleep. Many old people sleep 3 hours in day time and would complain to the doctor about lack of sleep. Nap should be for 20 to 30 minutes, not more. There is no fixed amount of sleep for any individual, it varies. The major accidents in this world were due to deprivation of sleep. Sleep deprivation can kill a person but not too much of sleep.
                      Some students read fo18 hours a day but secure 46% where as another one reads for only 4 to 5 hours and secures 95%+ marks. The recent trend of students is to return home/ hostel at 11pm, after eating out with a girlfriend or boy friend and spending father’s hard earned? money, gossips & open internet till 2pm and then read up to 5am and sleep up to 11am.No doubt the students are securing 90 to 100% marks but we should not forget the question papers are objective and multiple choice type. Coming to sleep pattern of the modern generation, it’s really baffling. Parents think their sons or daughters are really reading hard at night but in majority of cases its mobile talks or pornographic films. For students the guide lines are written long back—concentration of pelican, bath like a crow and sleep like a dog. Morning hours are the best time for studies, not for sleep.
                                     The normal pattern of sleep for our tropical countries are totally different from other countries or places where the sun rises at 8 am and sets at 9pm and the outside temperature varies from 0 degree to – 30 degrees centigrade. We should not follow their sleeping pattern or their bathing style. There is a circadian rhythm of sleep for each human being. A sick person needs more sleep. At 10 to 10:30in the morning, many of us feel sleepy, its natural, that’s why there is a coffee break at that time. Some people doze throughout the working hours and say they sleep only few hours in a day, I call them liars. Many people sleep on the table after lunch period in office and starts working after 3pm.How many of us can remain awake and alert after taking Mahaprasad or a reception lunch at * hotels? Why a person feels sleepy after a heavy meal the reason is not exactly known but its nature’s law. Have you ever watched birds, cows and bulls in summer months, they all take a siesta. The efficiency of the officers and workers decreases after food unless it’s a working lunch—2 piece idly/slice bread, one apple and tea or coffee. That’s why a wicket falls just after lunch.
                                                                 In my opinion one should sleep as per his or her requirement not because some famous person or actress sleeps for 4 hours. It’s an individual choice which makes you fresh, relaxed, happy and healthy. An undisturbed sleep is a blessing of God. Don’t go to bed if you are not feeling sleepy.
PS: Remember these are all free advice but all of you must thank me for it. Gifts are welcome*. Do not make it a habit of taking sleeping pills, it makes you dull next day and ultimately your brain shrinks and becomes dependent on the tablets. Chances of theft are more because the thieves know it all. If you are 75+ do whatever you like. Remember alcohol does not help in sleep but gives you night mares. In case of doubt ask your family physician after depositing Rs500/- at his counter. A recently new speciality has been opened in big hospitals, called sleep specialist doctor.
Good Night.
Sanjoy Satpathy
*Conditions Apply.

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