26 October 2016

Milkman's Dilemma

A Dilemma of a Milkman:
                                                                               K.M a surgeon by profession was on his way for a morning walk in sector 17, Rourkela. It was the month of December and the winter was palpable, smoggy and cold. Our surgeon was wearing a monkey cap, a full sleeve sweater and a jewel thief cap, difficult to recognize. K.M was passing near a ‘khatal’ very close to a small police outpost on the turning .It was a temporary buffalo shed. Doctor too used to get his special makhan milk from that out let.Mostly North Indians had gathered to collect the fresh milk with the foam overflowing the bucket. After the foam settled down the amount would get reduced by few milliliters, but no one complained, because it was fresh and unadulterated, worth the trouble of getting up early.  There was no Omfed culture at Rourkela during those days.                                                  
                                                                             “Ramua--Tera to bahut bada ho geyare, operation kuyun nehi karta hey?”(Your hydrocele has grown quite big, why are you not getting it operated?)Asked another milkman Laxman, who had just brought his huge buffalo and a stuffed calf.
The bulge was very much visible between his legs covered with the blue lungi, when he used to measure the milk and then pour in to the respective containers of  his customers.
“Sochta hun yesal hi saal ko cut dega” replied Ramua. (Thinking of removing that bloody thing this year)
“Lekin kahna keraga?” (But where you want to get it operated?)Laxman was curious to know because he too had a small hydroceal.
                                                                                   “Dekh, Sarkari hospital mein septic hojata hey.Private mein chota hydrocele tarbhuj jeysa ho jata hey.”(People say-In Govt Hos it gets septic, and private hospital a small hydrocele becomes a pumpkin size after operation) replied Ramua while pouring more milk to a Punjabi lady.K.M was watching all the morning drama with keen interest. He himself was a good dramatist and had a very good sense of humour.
“Are IGH mein karo lo.” Suggested Laxman. (Get it operated at IGH)
                                                                    “IGH, ka daktor to magistrate jeisa hey, neche nehi dekhta.Bolta hey agle sal date milega” (IGH doctors are like magistrate, never look at us. The operation date available was next winter)
                                                                 K.M thought to himself, this milkman had described three hospital’s reputation in one go. He was still smiling as he made a U turn for his home ward journey. Doctor narrated the ‘milkman’ story to few of his close friends the very day evening at IG club.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
PS: I thank my friend Kiran Mishra for the story.

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