13 November 2016


If ICC allows bats of any size bowlers will cry batsman will rejoice.Similarly demonetization has created debates in the country and FB members: Read on>>>The political part members are donating the old notes for vote bank/

Face Book Debates:
                                                                       There are interesting debate going on in media as well as amongst face book friends on demonetization.When the debate becomes personal ego centric or like an opposition political party member, things turn ugly, becomes bad. There are hundreds of docile face book members, who watch from the fence or through a window, they remain goody goody because they think themselves to be intellectual, know all type. They do not participate or comment. Others are least concerned as if they are toddlers, from another planet, they only project themselves through selfie.We excuse those who are physically handicapped or too busy for these useless participation. Criticism will always be there in LBW decisions, not on bowled. Recently a decision on fraud ‘freedom fighter’ card got a nod from SC as valid, no one criticized it. If Modijee would have said that from midnight all the notes in circulation-original or counterfeit ones are valid.” That would have been a ‘master stroke’ decision for many! Similarly criticisms are bound to come on any topic from a marriage invitation card to the items served at the reception party. Just ask Hindi film lovers for comments on a recently released hyped Hindi film. About 20% people will boldly say that the film was ‘faltu’, others will agree with their wife or girl friends if they say they liked it. Those in job will agree with their boss. Few others will say it’s a new type of film because their favorite hero or heroine was the main character. It’s not a question of BJP or Congress or SP or BJD supporter its question about black money. People who started asking the PM—“where is your election promise?”When he starts taking decisions then people compare it with emergency of Indira Gandhi. That decision was to neutralize the High court decision on her election. “Because the court unseated her on comparatively frivolous charges, while she was acquitted on more serious charges, The Times described it as "firing the Prime Minister for a traffic ticket". However, strikes in trade, student and government unions swept across the country. Led by JP, Narain, Satyendra Narayan Sinha and Morarji Desai, protestors flooded the streets of Delhi close to the Parliament building and the Prime Minister's residence. The persistent efforts of Narain were praised worldwide as it took over four years for Justice Sinha to pass judgement against the prime minister”.
Demonetization is bad for the people who used to live on black money. They cite the example of common man. Are they common man or smugglers? Majority of us think about self not for the society and country. It’s like a girl who only thinks of herself while choosing a boy from other caste or religion?  What would happen to her younger sister’s marriage? Who will marry her?
Most of the critics are two headed snakes. If it was bad how 91% of people across the country said it was a good decision. Let’s stop fighting amongst us on this demonetization topic and move on with time. “Most of us are not able to govern our family properly, what to speak of the country.” Other countries are utilizing our experts at a less cost and selling their products to India at a huge profit. Parents are crying, for their children because they are worried who will give “mukhagni”? Are these decisions by our children to migrate to other country—good or very good?
(Different View Writer)

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