10 December 2016


 ATM Critiques:

                                                      HSBC -- the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation -- was the first bank to introduce the ATM concept in India way back in 1987. Now, most of the banks have their ATM outlets in India.ATM stands for automated teller machine, some say-any time money. Before ATM we had manual teller system in certain banks, where one used to get cash in minutes. Now that due to shortage of new currency notes most of the ATMs are closed people are losing their sleep as if their money has been lost. The press people, opposition, cartoonists, politicians, dis-grunted public and some TV channels are making a big issue, as if ATM was the bread and butter of Indians. Before 1987 India was not ruined nor Indian died due to starvation because there was no ATM.The computerization was introduced in the banks after nationalization so also the teller machine system would reduce man power in the banks. With due excuse, most of the bank employees are trade union leaders and their attitude and behavior was different for common man and known customers when foreign banks came to India and they started this magic system of getting money from a machine like a fortune teller parrot. The number of employees remained as before and the service in different nationalized banks deteriorated further. Imagine an application for transfer of my bank account from Rourkela to Bhubaneswar has not reached the concerned Rourkela branch even after eight weeks? People are educated and can draw money through withdrawal slips or cheques then where is the problem? ATM has ruined many people’s life, even few were killed because they did not tell the pin of their ATM to the burgers?I think millions of rupees have been looted by different anti Indian out fits and thieves from ATM.Even our people do not stand in queue nor try to keep the Air conditioned  ATM clean. They spit pan, gitka and throw away the slips inside and outside the machine and keep the ATM door ajar when the leave the ATM. Citizens are so much concerned about swacha abhijan and discipline? When some steps have been taken by government the news papers are bent upon defaming the government with headlines—‘demonetization kills 87 people’!! Did any of our FB friends have such experience?                                            
                               Even few ex -army man and some ex- administrative officers who were part of the central government and get huge pension money are criticizing the government on demonetization and ATM in FB and Media. We have a tendency to criticize any new policy or new system in India. Whether it’s Congress or BJP or other regional party thrive on criticizing the center from lightening to demonetization deaths. If there is progress the regional party takes the credit but when it fails they say “center is creating problem”. This much for today, I do not want to irritate anti-Modi members further.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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