01 December 2016


                                                 England (Crane) vs. India (Fox) story:*
Cricketers from different countries became friends after IPL tournament. For fear of being dropped, they became very docile when they meet their Fox friends. So, the foxes (Indian) invited the cranes for a test series after fourteen years. The cranes accepted the invitation and reached the fox's place in India.

The fox had prepared the pitch for his foreign friends. But as we all know that foxes are cunning by nature, they gave their friends a dusty and spinning track. So, foxes and their gallery supporters enjoyed the game at the cost of their friends. But the cranes could not enjoy it at all, had to get back home disappointed with brushed and injured pride .The shrewd fox felt extremely amused.
Fox had called its friend ‘monkey’ from a neighboring country to supervise the matches. The cranes could not adjust to their friend’s environment and returned home with Indian filigree mementos. Now cranes have realized that, they have been repaid for their behavior with the foxes when they visited their house.
*This Fox and Crane story has changed, being enacted on the cricket field of different countries. They say “every dog has his day”.
Sanjoy Satpathy

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