24 January 2017


Disintegration of Indian Republic:
                                                              This may be farfetched. But given the trend towards regionalism, it will be interesting to see at what point there will be a constitutional debate in India about realigning state-center relations. Such debates are not uncommon in federal states and can lead to major reforms.
                                                             Few decades back one Indian lady when asked to introduce herself in an International Beauty contest said “I am from Mumbai—India”, from then on the seeds have been shown on the Indian subcontinent about regional feeling. There is no national feeling at present. A prime minister has almost negligible numbers of MP's in certain states (see map) of India. Here the point is if the different states have not voted a particular party to power why should they be governed by that party PM? This is a big question mark on Indian democracy. Regional feelings have become stronger and stronger over the years. This weakness is being taken advantage by China and Pakistan. The writer of this article visited Mizoram in 1978 and was surprised to find that the people of that state were not interested in Indian goods .They were proud to say they are Mizos but not Indian.
                 The subcontinent broke down to India, Pakistan in 1947 and Bangladesh in 1971. Did anyone imagined during 1900 that Bharat will disintegrate?
                                      The recent fight between center and states gives an impression as if certain states of Indian are different from rest of the country. With this logic let’s divide the country in to two parts North and South or BJP rule state’s PM would be Modijee where as non BJP led states will be independent and will be treated as a separate country and have its own constitutions and will not depend of central assistance. Different states would have its new sets of rules. The train service inside Odisha would be known as ORS (Odisha Railway service)—Bengal Railway Service (BRS) ---UP Railway Service and so on. They will maintain their own railway service without depending on IR (Indian Railways). The rail line maintenance and train service will be the responsibility of the state government.
                                     Modijee make in India will be changed to make in Odisha, Make in Punjab, Make in Gujarat and so on. He will be the PM of only that part of India where the states are ruled by BJP.Rest will be left to generate their own revenue and formulate their own rules and regulations to maintain law and order in their states.
                                         The feeling of Indians is a thing of past. The citizens and political parties are more concerned about their states. Modi will be the PM of United States of India. The ‘mahasanghtan’ Party will have their own PM.That means India will have two capitals and two PM one for the states with maximum MPs from a particular party (now its BJP)and others with MP's from regional parties. The Parliament will not have any opposition as they have their own country to rule. Opposition will be the Media and Students selected by the people of that country. There will be no Rajya Sabha, no Governors, and no Vice president post. The Presidential building will have two Presidents staying under the same roof.
                               Who ever thought that India would have 29 states by 2015? Odissa had 13 districts now there is 30.Similarly UP have disintegrated to three more states, MP,AP and Jharkhand to two more.
                              People of India are not willing to sing the national anthem, nor are they proud to be Indians. The intelligent brains have gone out of the country saying their country is a country of frauds, country of chaos, a country of dust and mud never to return back.
                              Of late an ugly head has emerged in India, not to obey the law and order nor the verdicts and directives of Supreme Court of India. With all these the writer thinks the future for India is not bright. Indians want to have their own ways and means to earn money and not obey the central guidelines. Every CM is concerned about its people when a train accidents or any natural tragedy occurs
.No one identifies him or herself as Indian but as a regional person !Most of the CM of non BJP states are not only strongly speaking against but also disrespecting the PM in broad day light.
                           Pakistan, China and some other countries want that India must disintegrate for their own benefits and vested interests. But why the same logic will not hold true for USA because they are all immigrants from other countries, and not true Americans. There is nothing like USA citizens they are all immigrants from all over the country.
                                          Whether that would be good or bad for the subcontinent time would tell but by that time most of us will not be there to watch the new geographical maps.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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