16 February 2017


Are Women more Vengeful than Men?

                                                           The survey said yes(80%). Gone are the days of Sita mata,Draupodi,Ahalya& Sabitri when woman were worshiped and were symbols of purity and wisdom but no more. With more woman  joining the workforce and gender equality at full throttle things have become complicated. Ladies are more vengeful and corrupt than men, be it in politics, judiciary, administration, health care, education or police force. Municipality lady representatives/ward members are more inefficient and corrupt as they run their office through their husband which is also the beginning of malpractice. A lady professor of a famous university was so rough and vengeful that two of her PhD students committed suicide and another left in the middle of the course. Once menopause sets in they become rougher and corrupt.Spinster administers are very rough in their dealings. The recent political development in South India has smeared a black paint on female politicians.There are other lady politicians who are still worse.The head of brothels are women, call girl rackets are run by women(queen be) as was evident from different raids at and around Bhubaneswar. Educated ladies torture their aged in laws so much so that these senior citizen contemplate suicide at times or stay separately.They go to police station to lodge complaints for dowry torture etc.With 30% reservations in every field for women we would see more corruptions and murder in future.
One may say this is a male chauvinist type of article but think over it in cool mind you will realize what I mean. But no where have I mentioned that all women are bad or corrupt. Thank you for reading.
Different view by Sanjoy Kumar for Partha?

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