29 March 2017

The Intellectual yet Idiot

Cheap Popularity Trend:

The Intellectual yet Idiot:

                                                                          Of late a new trend has set-in, in India which is bad not only for the society but also for the administrators and country. The national character is changing. The basic teaching of business management is thrown to dust bins. The power is with one man of any organization, be it corporate or political or press or education or administration. There is no distribution of responsibilities amongst the officers or workers we can say their thought process has been erased. Take for example if the farmers are committing suicide the press and opposition parties blame the ruling government and the chief minister.Committing suicide is a mental illness which occurs all over the world starting from education to cultivators. Drug addicts too commit suicide so also multimillionaire and actress! Everyone is encouraged to bypass the system so that the vote bank remains intact. The press, television people and the ‘intellectuals’ all fight amongst themselves in almost all TV channels as if it’s a fish market of Badabazar? They convict, give verdict and also suggest punishment for any crime! If a college going girl has taken a photograph and has uploaded it in her boy friends site then how CM can help it? There is a principal, education minister and police and parents to settle the issues but why CM takes a group photograph with a group of girls and takes up the case for cheap popularity? The railway minister is no better. To become popular and enter record books from Amit to Zaire are busy with twitter. They mention if they have constipation or diarrhoea! The government should put a strict rule that the photographs and articles published in FB, Twitter, Leg book and many more such site carries no meaning for the government and for legal actions.FB is a recreation site not a complaint site of Government!
                                                          The parents of the boy and girl could settle the matter amongst themselves, why to go to press? Ever since one porno star has started acting in Indian films the shame word has been deleted from the society dictionary.
                                                   This shows our system is not working in India be it education, transport, police, hospitals and politics. The main problem is India has become a one man show country. Dead bodies are kept on highway asking for compensations causing much harassment to the public. The DSP, DIG, SP and DG rarely go to the site unless directed by the CM or media? Why then we should have so many high officials in every district? Are they only for VIPs and VVIPs or Nabakalebar and Sivaratri festival? They arrange meeting before a cricket match, matriculation exam, Ratha Yatra and other festivals with drinks and snacks. The bottom line is ours is a strange country no one knows how it’s running? Some say it’s by luck or destiny or some say God save the country!
                                           Before I conclude the intellectual idiots of our country tell us>>>1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for. They are everywhere in dime a dozen. Intellectual idiots cannot find a coconut in an coconut island!
(An idiotic Writer who has his own thought process)
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

M for Money

‘M’ for MONEY:
     Years gone by children were taught ‘M’ for mother ‘F’ for father but in recent times M stands for ‘Money’ and F stands for ‘Fidget’. Recently one elderly couple just before retirement got their son married to a working lady. That was an arranged marriage one can say. The newlywed couple stayed only for seven days with their parents and then went for their place of work, one at Mumbai and other at Mysore, as they could ill afford to lose money.
                                       Mother wanted to see how ‘happily married’ after story of her son. So she left a month after the marriage to her son’s apartment. Even after seven days of her stay she could not meet nor observe how the newlywed couple are enjoying life. Before marriage it was Jio phone and after marriage too it’s Jio. Her daughter in law’s cup of tea eluded her in the morning. She would get up early and make two cups of tea one for her and another cup for her sleeping son. As the evening approach the telecommunication net work comes live and the talking continues for hours between ‘bahu’ and ‘sasu’ till the processor in the phone gets heated up. In the evening her son would order some vegetarian meals from a star hotel or pizza from pizza hut. Few costly gifts for mother in law would be delivered by blue dart courier from Mysore. That was the month of March which came to an end and it was time for her to fly back to Bhubaneswar but her dream of staying with the newly married son and ‘bahu’ in their newly purchased apartment remained unfulfilled.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


27 March 2017


Two fearless leaders of two great democratic countries.Its rare to get two great leaders at one time.They are the best.


19 March 2017


                                                       When Sanjoy mentions some of his observations in a story form, it does not mean the scenario is applicable in hundred percent of cases. Being a doctor this is Sanjoy’s observation about a ‘bakra husband’ when wife is a good looking lady doctor.
                                                      The wife just to impress her husband would take him to a super specialist even if he sneezes twice in the morning. If the husband complaints of abdominal discomfort the next day his lady doctor-wife would take him to a gastroenterologist who would ask for an endoscope and ultrasound examination without going in to the cause of the abdominal discomfort— get one peg free for two a special offer in the club. Chest pain means the husband would be half dead due to fear of heart attack and high cholesterol. Majority of the husband of these lady doctors have under gone treadmill test, echocardiography and angiography by the age of 45 years. Even before the hospital director came to know about these high profile officer’s problems, they were on their way as a referred patient to Escorts or Asian cardiac institutes. To put it in simple words, these officers who does not restrict their food, alcohol, cigarette and sedentary habits wants to lead a long life? After the heart attack or stroke they come to senses and lead a saintly life with vegetarian food, yoga, give up scotch whiskey, stop smoking 555, morning walk, atrovastatins and disciple of some five star God men.
                                                         There is no statistic available whether these preventive investigations in long run really prolong the life or not. Few retired doctors and engineers have purchased house far away from the city of Bhubaneswar,  so that in case of medical emergency they have Amri,AIIMS,Sum,KIMS, and Hi-tech  as choice which are at a stone throw distance from their bed rooms .They forget that those who have a house near railway station usually miss a train. Sanjoy is tension free and enjoy life because of an arts graduate house wife, not a husband caring lady doctor.

 Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
(A satire not for henpecked husbands)

17 March 2017


                                                                                                      The intercity express from Bhubaneswar to Rourkela with poorly maintained old out dated compartments invariably reaches Rourkela two to three hours behind scheduled .My friends, me and relatives have travel by this train many times but never reached Rourkela before 2230hours.From Jharsuguda it runs like a passenger train. Today the 16th March, 2017, there was a great surprise for the passengers as well as the station master. My eldest sister who traveled by the same train, rang me up and said—“Intercity reached dot at 2030 hours at platform number 1.She was surprised for the unusual timely arrival of the train. On the platform she spotted the smiling governor of Odisha who had traveled in the intercity in his saloon compartment from Bhubaneswar. There were many lessons from this special occasion. First an intercity express name when changed to ‘governor’s express arrived in time. The CM of Odisha, who goes to Sahidnagar(six kilometers from his residence) in Helicopter, must take a leaf out of Governor’s attitude to travel by train. If our MPs, MLAs, VIPS, Governors, CMs, Maoist leaders and criminals travel by train then most of our problems with Indian Railways will be solved. We thank the governor sahib, for his trip to Rourkela by train. How come the same engine driver, same railway track, same compartments, and same railway staff could make a train reach in time?
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

16 March 2017


                                                           This is another real life drama from Ispat General Hospital(IGH), Rourkela.
                      A young doctor named Kalipada was working in the radiology department of IGH. He was senior to me and studied in the same schools of Baripada where I had my primary education. Along with him there was a senior Bengali radiologist named Tapan in that department. He was very miser. Doctor Kalipada had the habit of purchasing lottery every week. Few times he had won small amount with which he used to entertain his departmental staffs.
                                                                  As luck would have it once he got the third prize of two lakhs rupees from Kamadhenu lottery. The news spread like wild fire. Doctor Tapan asked his friend to give a loan of few thousand rupees so that he could purchase a second hand Vespa Scooter, to which Kalipada agreed.
                                       Doctor Tapan called his friend for a dinner at standard restaurant with the hope of getting some loan from his junior colleague. They had some beer and heavy dinner to celebrate the occasion. Those days one tanduri roti was fifty paise and a bottle of beer was two rupees seventy five paise .Weeks past but Kalipada could not meet the lottery vendor; from whom he had purchased the ticket, as he had gone to his home town. In the mean while Tapan sir was getting restless, after all he had spent rupees one hundred twenty-five on the dinner!
                         One fine morning doctor Kalipada came with the lottery ticket in original, the news paper and showed it to Tapan sir.
“So my friend when would you give the money? I have already arranged a 2nd hand scooter.” Doctor Tapan asked with a broad smile on his face.
                                              “Sir, I am so sorry, just for one digit and I lost two lakhs. In the news paper the last digit was same as my lottery number but when I verified with agent he said “bad luck sir there was printing mistake in the news paper. Anyhow go on purchasing, some day you may get the first prize”.
                                                            Tapan sir was heartbroken; felt cheated and continued to come to hospital in his old bicycle as his friend left for a new job in London the very next week.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy