07 March 2017


With Malice toward none:

1. They are only concerned about money and money.
2. They get up abusing BJP and go to bed doing the same.
3. They hate whatever the PM says or does
4. They say before 2014 it was Ram Rajya?
5. They shed crocodile tears for the so-called poor man who have at least three apartment houses in Odisha!
6. They blame the police and security for killing the anti national but do not utter a word when hundred innocent people are killed by Maoist by derailing trains?
7. They start saying Odiya is a great language but talk in English or in Hindi with their daughter in laws and grand children at home!
8. They were sleeping for sixty years over Mahanadi bed and never uttered a word.
9. They write articles staying in AC cabins of Bhubaneswar, never visited a remote village of Odisha!
10. You pay them well they would start writing good about the same individuals or parties who were causing angina to them.

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