02 March 2017

Bye Bye America

Bye Bye America:
                                                                       Himangsu was reluctant to leave his friends and surroundings for a six month trip to America. The security guard was accordingly instructed about the electric and telephone bills before he left for New Delhi to board the midnight nonstop flight. He had lost his wife a couple of years back due to lung cancer. Like many senior citizen widowers, Himangsu was a lonely man in a 3BR Sunrise apartment financed by his son and HDFC. This was his first international flight in life. Son of Himangsu, Siddhartha and Bahu Suzan were working with MTV. They had a four year old son Amit.
                             Himangsu was fed up with the tantrum of his grandson but could not say a word as per the instructions of his daughter in law Suzan. It’s very common to find an autism child in a family, may be Amit was also a victim of autism due to too many vaccines and isolation at home, we never know. On daily routine his son and daughter in law had gone out to work in their New York office, from New Jersey when this happened.                                 
                                                                          The old man wanted to play with his grandson Amit, after he came back from school but he wanted to watch cartoon in TV. Amit would throw the TV remote, break glasses, pour fruit juice on carpet and keep fritz door open. His American accent English was very difficult for Himangsu babu to understand, even though he himself was a MA in English. This was intolerable for the disciplined old man. First he tried to counsel the child but there was no effect. Ultimately he lost his cool and said in Odiya ‘ମାରିଦେବିଜେ ବୁଝୁଥିବୁ !ତତେ ମାଡ଼ ଅଭାବ ହେଇ ଯାଉଛି,ବୁଝିଲୁ  !ଚୁପ ଚାପ ବସ ନହେଲେ ଗୋଡ ଭାଙ୍ଗିଦେବି !’(Sit quietly or I will break your legs)
After twenty minutes or so someone pressed the door bell, when Himangsu babu opened the door and spotted two huge policemen with guns at the door step. One of the policeman said ‘that there was an emergency phone call from this house by a child?’
In the mean while Amit had come near the door crying. When the police man wanted to know, who was that old man who wanted to kill the child?”
Amit replied while wiping his tears and pointing his finger towards his grandfather “this old man!”
“Sir, this is a very serious allegation. You bring your passport and come with us along with the child to the police station.” said the sergeant.
“But I did not mean anything. In India we tell our little ones this way with affections when they go beyond control. I have not taken my food, you see. Let me talk with my son.” a stunned Himangsu babu said without a break.
His son Siddhartha suggested “Father, don’t mind. Please accompany the police and follow his advice. I will be coming in another three hours. They will provide you food at the station.”
                                        Himangsu babu was feeling rejected and marooned with the unexpected turn of events. At long last his son arrived but he was told that “his father has to leave America in next 72 hours. Threatening to kill is a very serious allegation. Because this is his first offense we are leaving him. But remember he can never again be allowed visa permission to enter USA.”
                                                      Himangsu babu became mute and had to return back to his home sweet home a dejected and depressed man. His six months trip was cut short to six days by his grandson with whom he wanted to play and share his joy of life.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.

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