19 March 2017


                                                       When Sanjoy mentions some of his observations in a story form, it does not mean the scenario is applicable in hundred percent of cases. Being a doctor this is Sanjoy’s observation about a ‘bakra husband’ when wife is a good looking lady doctor.
                                                      The wife just to impress her husband would take him to a super specialist even if he sneezes twice in the morning. If the husband complaints of abdominal discomfort the next day his lady doctor-wife would take him to a gastroenterologist who would ask for an endoscope and ultrasound examination without going in to the cause of the abdominal discomfort— get one peg free for two a special offer in the club. Chest pain means the husband would be half dead due to fear of heart attack and high cholesterol. Majority of the husband of these lady doctors have under gone treadmill test, echocardiography and angiography by the age of 45 years. Even before the hospital director came to know about these high profile officer’s problems, they were on their way as a referred patient to Escorts or Asian cardiac institutes. To put it in simple words, these officers who does not restrict their food, alcohol, cigarette and sedentary habits wants to lead a long life? After the heart attack or stroke they come to senses and lead a saintly life with vegetarian food, yoga, give up scotch whiskey, stop smoking 555, morning walk, atrovastatins and disciple of some five star God men.
                                                         There is no statistic available whether these preventive investigations in long run really prolong the life or not. Few retired doctors and engineers have purchased house far away from the city of Bhubaneswar,  so that in case of medical emergency they have Amri,AIIMS,Sum,KIMS, and Hi-tech  as choice which are at a stone throw distance from their bed rooms .They forget that those who have a house near railway station usually miss a train. Sanjoy is tension free and enjoy life because of an arts graduate house wife, not a husband caring lady doctor.

 Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
(A satire not for henpecked husbands)

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