29 March 2017

M for Money

‘M’ for MONEY:
     Years gone by children were taught ‘M’ for mother ‘F’ for father but in recent times M stands for ‘Money’ and F stands for ‘Fidget’. Recently one elderly couple just before retirement got their son married to a working lady. That was an arranged marriage one can say. The newlywed couple stayed only for seven days with their parents and then went for their place of work, one at Mumbai and other at Mysore, as they could ill afford to lose money.
                                       Mother wanted to see how ‘happily married’ after story of her son. So she left a month after the marriage to her son’s apartment. Even after seven days of her stay she could not meet nor observe how the newlywed couple are enjoying life. Before marriage it was Jio phone and after marriage too it’s Jio. Her daughter in law’s cup of tea eluded her in the morning. She would get up early and make two cups of tea one for her and another cup for her sleeping son. As the evening approach the telecommunication net work comes live and the talking continues for hours between ‘bahu’ and ‘sasu’ till the processor in the phone gets heated up. In the evening her son would order some vegetarian meals from a star hotel or pizza from pizza hut. Few costly gifts for mother in law would be delivered by blue dart courier from Mysore. That was the month of March which came to an end and it was time for her to fly back to Bhubaneswar but her dream of staying with the newly married son and ‘bahu’ in their newly purchased apartment remained unfulfilled.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


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