11 March 2017


                                                                                    When someone has a good figure and is  charming , whatever she wears looks good on her body but there is a saying "उपरुचि खान्ना पर रूचि पहना ". With invasion of cola culture ‘Sari is no more for Nari’. Hardly one can find a girl student in colleges wearing a sari with blouse; they are mostly wearing jeans with a T-shirt. If they wear sari it’s for fashion show or welcoming foreign delegates. Jeans are comfortable for them and easy to maintain. Saris are worn only on marriage receptions or on marriage days. But ladies with good figure looks very graceful with silk sare properly worn. See for example air India air hostess, sales girls in different departmental stores and house wives looks good and graceful with saree.If someone does not know how to wear a sari and then blame the seven meters long cloth is a different matter but copying western culture is very easy. Now a day’s one can find seventy and eighty years old Indian fatty ladies wearing jeans with T-shirts or salwar kameez while boarding an international flights! They look horribly bad but who can comment with so many activities on the CCTV? Remember our middle aged women look good only on sari because it covers the ugly part of the body gracefully.Modernism is not exhibitionism we must remember.
                                                             Wearing half pants has become a new trend. Less cloth on the body means more modern. In recent Hindi film song sequence the hero is fully covered where as the actress and her group or the item girl is half naked. With change of culture and dress code the male folks are the gainers, they could watch each and every part of female anatomy with the modern dress. Some girls even confessed that if they don’t get comment on their dress and make up they feel depressed?
                                                            We had radio—transistors---Walkman---televisions—colored TV---mobile---IPod—Smart phones---Wi-Fi—similarly we had cycles—scooters—bikes—small cars---big cars and so on similarly sari has undergone under the ladies scanners? Can any woman activities tell us why none of our lady politicians are not wearing Jeans while on election campaign?
                                                                      Let’s accept it as a revolutionary vision of our women folk, like snakes change their skin every year before the rainy season, women too have liked to change their skin with fairness cream and want to show-off more of their body parts. They can give you volumes of lecture on the side effects and disadvantages of wearing a sari. With no children around to wipe off the nasal discharge (ସିଂଘାଣି ) the modern dress is the in thing in 21st century. We were born naked and burnt naked then why to wear so much?                                                         
    I salute them and respect them for their freedom of choice regarding staying together and wearing shorts and jeans. Jai Mataji Ki.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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