01 March 2017


                                                                         About a decade and half back a wrist watch agent entered Ispat General Hospital to sell his products. He offered one beautiful looking lady wrist watch for free if someone purchased two men’s wrist watch for Rs:150/-. Sanjoy was also approached by the young man with a charming smile to buy a watch for his wife. Sanjoy replied ‘his wife does not wear a watch, so question of purchasing does not arise’.
“But you can give it as a gift in her birthday” the salesman Arjun suggested. After few days Sanjoy spotted every junior doctor including lady doctors and few senior nurses wearing that glittering watch.  Arjun came back after a week a new stock of watches .Even the director was seen to be wearing the ‘Jowish’ wristwatch. Sanjoy was tempted but kept his desire under control.The salesman once again approached Sanjoy with a special offer. Sanjoy had a trick under his sleeves he said “Ok, done. Provided you sell your products to these two junior doctors, then I purchase two sets!”
‘But who are they?’ he asked.
“One doctor now posted in chest ward and another in medicine OPD, their names end with Behera.I must verify before I purchase from you.”Sanjoy said.
After a week that sales man Arjun was not seen near the vicinity of the hospital compound. Sanjoy was curious to know how his friend Behera could get rid of that big headache from the hospital compound. The fact was like this-- one of the Behera suggested that he would pay after a month of using the watch. The other Behera challenged whether he has taken permission from the security department and police before he could do this business inside hospital? That was enough for Arjun to leave that job.
Exactly after a month all the ‘Jowish’’ stopped functioning except director’s.
Humour in real life:
Sanjoy Satpathy

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