12 April 2017


                                                 Let the hungama, (Circus) started by Kerry Packer and copied by Indians continue, but many people have a query for the BCCI and Government of India-why the cheer girls are imported like most of our arms and ammunition? Don’t we have young Indian girls or ladies to be the cheer girls? Are they cheering the public or the players? During previous IPL matches few black ladies were from other countries but were sent back because they were black! Our expert commentators are telling few black players as brainless cricketers! Are we not practicing apartheid policy in India? The highest number of fairness creams is sold in India! In advertisements for brides it’s mentioned that educated, employed and fair-looking girls for such and such groom with six digit salary? Is it an educated country or apartheid country? Can anyone tell us whether the spectators go to the ground for four hours in heat to watch cheer girls through binocular or watch cricket? If cheer girls are removed will the IPL become lifeless? Its high time public should ask this question to themselves, as to why they do not like to watch black Indian cheer girls inside the stadium at night. IPL has become a big business and gambling den for many. Public should be aware that the terrorist get some monetary help from cricket players and Hindi film stars as reported by few upright journalists!
                                                   Why not a single bomb blast or terrorist activities have been witnessed or reported during IPL? Don’t tell it’s due to our strong security forces? Then why innocent passengers are thrown out or robbed in trains or bus? Where is our security? Why not a single IPL match at Barabati Stadium or an Odiya playing any IPL matches? Many people might not know that Odisha team went up to quarterfinals in last year Ranji Trophy tournament! Odiya people are docile never proud of their state neither in their heart nor in mind. They are happy with five rupees meals and one rupee rice.
PS: This type of articles will never get published because the media is part of IPL.Any thing written against Hindi film stars and Cricket players will not be tolerated by the media and patriotic Indians. There are prizes for hottest and sexiest cheer girls for every IPL tournament! Three cheers for cheer girls from abroad.
Thank you
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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