24 April 2017

Mother inlaw vs daughter in law

Widow and her Daughter-in-law:
                                  This is a true story which was narrated by a Professor during my post graduation at BHU.
                                                    On the banks of Ganga there lived a widow named Indrani, from Bengal with his aging son. The lady was getting older and weaker day by day and had a desire to see her grand children before her death, but the arrogant son was not willing to marry. After lots of counseling by the mother the son agreed to marry any lady of his mother’s choice. Lastly Indrani selected a girl Madhvi during her trip to her maternal village in Malda. The old lady was very much satisfied with the behavior, manners and cooking of the daughter in-law, Madhvi.
                                                           Indrani was full of praise for Madhvi during the afternoon gathering of six of her widow friends staying near Dasaswamedh Ghat. She used to praise her cooking so much that one day all the ladies asked Indrani to call them for lunch, then only they can certify about Madhvi high class tasty cooking. Naturally it had to be strict vegetarian lunch. So a day was fixed for the occasion on a Thursday. All the six plus Indrani were very much impressed with the cooking of ‘bahu’ and certified that ‘yes, Indrani was right’.
                                        At night, Madhvi was asked a confidential question by her sasumaa while she was pressing her legs “Tell me Bahu, what you do with your cooking, which taste so differently from others. Everybody use the mustard oil and same vegetables but your ‘posto chadchadi’ taste so different?”
                                Madhvi said “sasumaa, usually I sprinkle some dried hilsa eggs (শুঁটকি মাছায়ের  ডিম্ব ) brought from my village while coming to this place”.
The moral of the story is --whenever we eat road side or hotel food stuff, or meals prepared by a servant or bahu in that case, even if it’s vegetarian you never know. The gravy of mutton curry or chicken curry usually added in a vegetarian dish for the hungry customers by the cook.
                                       One lady patient of mine had never taken any pork meat in life but she was suffering from severe infection of pig tape worm (Taenia Solium).She used to take Chicken Chowmein from fast food counters.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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