13 May 2017


People do not like to discuss few controversial topics,this one is the latest.After attending around 25 marriage receptions at Bhubaneswar this is my observation.1. Both the new bride and bridegrooms seems to be celebrating their 10th marriage anniversary 
2. The bride looks fair,beautiful with langha and make ups. On the next day she looks ordinary with a shirt and jean.
3. Some times the guests confuse the groom as father of the bride.
4.Both of them are glued to smart phone and taking selfie, not concerned about the guests.
5. Do not go early or else one have to wait for few hours because the bride has been holdup in traffic jam (they say) but actually she is still in the beauty parlor.
6.Mention someone else name on the gift packet,if its cheap.
7. The gifts are left behind by the couple.
8. One new concept has come up-good idea.Marriage and 4th night are on same day but reception on Sundays. Many more to right but modern activists will throw stones at my house.But before i sign off here is a true story.
 The return of the prodigal son:
After having affairs with four girl friends the boy got married to the girl of his choice.He was 40 when he decided to marry.One year after the marriage he realized his mistake.His wife was not what he thought before marriage, she continued to entertain her boyfriends at her bedroom during husband's absence.The lady left him because he found her husband a miser.Poor debdas approached his first love, who had not married yet.She agreed to his proposal because she truly loved him.They lived happily ever after.If you have similar true stories do write them in FB pages..Divorce are rare now because the boy and the girl do not interfere with others EMA.(extramarital affairs). They are more tolerant than the old generation.Its like sharing a car.Thats the best way to prolong life and married life.Mention dislike if you do not like, but read first.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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