11 May 2017


Barun Burman was the fastest bowler in India during my playing time.To improve his speed further, he was advised by his coach for muscle building exercise.He joined Behela gym.Once he developed his muscles he was a shadow of himself.He became erratic the swing was gone and his arm started coming away from his body at the time of delivery.
Similarly sanjoy,due to Baburao factor and partiality was given one change bowling when the shine was gone on the ball.So he started doing some exercise the result was he started bowling fast but the swing was gone, his most lethal wicket fetching ball.Why i am writing this is just watch this photograph, why a batsman or bowler need these weight bearing exercise which results in ligament, muscle tear and shoulder dislocation.Bowling depends on rhythm not on power,or else Kapildev, Megarth,Bob Willis,Holding,Roberts, and Kalicharan,Fredricks, Jaysurya and  Rames Sexena would not have been same after building muscles.For batting the forearm strength is what you need.With the present bat technology no one needs muscles.This is only a misadventure by the present generation of players which makes them unfit very soon.
Gavaskar used to say your muscles will automatically develop once you play more matches or practice in the nets.The board engages a coach who gets few crores in a year hence he has to do some thing,and that something finishes the players.In my opinion excepting match practice and PT parade nothing is required for the players from all the teams who play 300days in a year.All top players must rest for two months every year but money and women do not allow them to do so.The shoulder dislocation has become very common due to showbiz of fielders.Sliding stop may stop one run but you are going to ruin your career.The famous tongue out left arm bowler Hogg at the peak of his career made that blunder of sliding save and dislocated his left arm and did not play cricket for five years.Now Rahul,Virat and few Australian dislocated their shoulders and are shadow of them selves.Virat is not scoring in IPL due to that fall at Bangalore.My point, no more gym for fast bowlers and ramp walking.Ravi Sastri became an ordinary bowler after womanizing and going to gym.His shoulder which was touching his ear at the time of delivery went 60 degree away from it and he became a batsman.Hamstring injury is due to weight bearing exercise in gym, alcohol, sex and drugs.
In everyday life including medical science we do not put commonsense in to our practice but follow what others say or are doing.We are instructed to do this do that from morning till we go to bed by that idiot box.Out of 500 minutes watching 300 minutes are advertisements.The young doctors do not discriminate between a 45 years man and a 75 years old person, they prescribe same food same medicines.
your views may be different but this is fact what i have written.
sanjoy (Trained at Patiala,sports medicine complex)

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