31 July 2017


Five years back before the BJ apartment was built, this young boy Bimal was the security person to guard the cement, rods and wooden frames of the contractor.There was no electricity for him.He used to cook his own food and stay in a ten feet by six feet store room, climbing a temporary wooden staircase.A stray dog gave birth to three pups, only one survived.Her mother abandoned her when this unknown boy started to feed his left overs to the little one.He named it blacky.Gradually a bondage developed between them. As she grew up she started guarding that locality and the store room.On dark nights she was the only companion of that young man.A risky job with lakhs of hardware to guard.I used to watch the real life drama through my bedroom window at night.Due to litigation and other legal problems the apartment took a very long time to complete but the faithful duo stayed till the construction was over.
The young boy left due to non payment of his dues.Blacky was abandoned but she continued her job and was waiting for her friend to return in the evening.Blacky would howl and cry but to no avail, she was missing her friend.
I developed pity for blacky and fed her our left overs.She is now mother of six children but has shifted her home near to a newly built Sai temple very near to our house.Earlier the people of this locality used to throw stone and kill dogs but once the Sai temple got completed dogs are safe and in great demand, as Sai baba was a lover of animals, specially dogs.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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