30 August 2017

OLD GADGETS--Dhenki & Sila Silputa

Dhenki is an old style rice mill or husk lever found in Indian states of Assam and Odisha. It is usually made of hard wood. It has a fulcrum supporting a weight. Due to the force of the weight upon the rice in the pods, the rice and the golden brown husks separate. Dhenki used to be operated by women to produce rice from paddy and grind rice to powder. Dhenki is still in use some part of rural Odisha. Dhenki retrieve rice from raw paddy grain, to make dry rice flakes, rice powder later to process it to make various delicious dry food items called pithas. The leg and abdomen muscles get stronger and CS was not necessary .The sila silputa is still being used in some house hold of Odisha; we have one in our kitchen. These old type primitive equipment are slowly going out of fashion, replaced with electric grinders. Instead of developing fitness in one’s own house the modern day ladies spend huge amount going to gymnasiums and beauty parlors.

ଢ଼ିଙ୍କି କୁଟା ଚାଉଳ ଚୁନାରୁ ତିଆରି ଖାଦ୍ୟ ଜିଏ ଖାଇଛି ଛୋଟବେଳେ, ସିଏହିଁ ବୁଝିପାରିବ  ଏହି ଦୁଇଟା ଅଜବ ଜିନିଷର କରାମତି !  ଶିଳ ଶିଳପୁତା ଏବେମଧ୍ୟ କିଛିଘରେ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ମିଳେ ! ଭାବନ୍ତୁ ଯଦି ରାତିଅଧରେ ଉପରତାଲାବାଲା ମସଲା ବାଟେ ଆପଣଙ୍କର କି ଅବସ୍ଥା ହବ?ଏହିସବୁ ଫକୀରମୋହନ ସେନାପତିଙ୍କ ଗଳ୍ପ ଏବଂ ଇତିହାସ ପୃଷ୍ଠାରେ ହଜିଯାଇଛି ! ନା ଦରକାର ବିଜୁଳି କରେଣ୍ଟ ନା ବିଜୁଳିର ଯନ୍ତ୍ରପାତି ?ଆପଣ ହାତରେ ସବୁକିଛି ,ଅନ୍ୟକୁ ନିର୍ଭର କରିବାର ନାହିଁ! ସବୁଆଡୁ ଭଲ, ସ୍ୱାସ୍ଥ୍ୟ ମଧ୍ୟ ଭଲରହିବ ତରକାରିର  ସ୍ୱାଦ ମଧ୍ୟ ବଢିୟା ! ଇଛାହେଲା ରଖନ୍ତୁ ନହେଲେ ଫୋପାଡିଦିଅନ୍ତୁ !ଏହିସବୁ ବ୍ୟବହାର କରି ଆମର ଜେଜେମା ,ଆଈ ମା ଏଭଳି ଭାବେ ବଢ଼ିଥିଲେଯେ ,ବିନା ପେଟ କଟାରେ    ରୁ ସାତଟା ଛୁଆ ଜନ୍ମକରିପାରିଥିଲେ ?ଏବେତ ଗୋଟିଏ ଛୁଆରେ ଥକିଯାଉଛନ୍ତି ! 
Posted by Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

29 August 2017


        On 27th August,2017 Sanjoy Satpathy & Minati Mohapatra were felicitated at Civic Center,Rourkela.
There was also a BodyBuilders .Famous film star and BJD politician PrsantaNanda--SaradaprasanNaik(Ex-MLA) were the guest of honour and Chief guests.Dr.Sadasiv Swain was special invitee.

22 August 2017


GENTING HIGHLANDS KualaLumpur.Genting Highlands is a high-altitude hill resort in Malaysia, situated in the Titiwangsa Mountains northeast of Kuala Lumpur.
There are better things to see as a tourist in KualaLumpur and Singapore combined than in USA!(Photo--Sanjoy)


A dark cloud with silver lining behind Sai Temple of Patia,Bhubaneswar as the evening of 21st August 2017 coming to an end.(Photo- Sanjoy). Got the best photograph award for the day at Bangiriposi.


This is what is written on this paper cutting from The Pioneer newspaper on 21-08-2017>>>

When a film star or film producer allows his or her sons or daughters to play a small role in a film then it is encouraged. Similarly a cricket player grooms his son from childhood to play cricket or participate in sports, it’s too is encouraged but when a mechanic’s son helps his father in the garage then its child labour. Similarly a carpet waver’s daughter too learns the art of carpet making at a very young age, then over the years she becomes expert but Americans or other white people objects to it saying its ‘child labour ’?Where as there are sports events below fourteen, fifteen and below sixteen and nineteen where are the child labour activists? Present system of education produces idiotic robots because their talents are neglected.
If you open any TV programs you will find very small children even toddlers are earning money through mockery, modeling, jokes, dance and songs which are encouraged by the parents and society, but they are called talent hunt not child labour! One famous film personality always carries her child in front of camera and in airports instead of sending the child to school? Is this not grooming style of child labour? Once I asked one economist about this paradox—why western media is so much worried about our child labour? He said “it’s because our men power is cheap and our products are also cheaper that’s why so many multinationals have set up factories in India and Bangladesh. Our Kashmir carpets are cheaper than other countries carpets because the family does not have to hire anyone for the job. It’s a family affair, like making of scotch whiskey!”
Let’s not confuse education with the art of acting or playing or participating in sports? How many of the Olympic gold medalists are post graduate or post doctorate, very few, you can say nil at the moment. Some people say these talented children must have some basic education and then join the profession of his or her family; there is nothing wrong in it. Yes children employed as hotel boy, kabadiwala, and theft activities, floor cleaning in trains, show polish and getting punished by the employer is very bad, that point we agree .Our Supreme Court has made it clear that a child helping her or his parents in their profession is not child labour. Remember not all child labourers are ill treated; sometimes they become the owner of the place or factory where they learnt the art, as a child labourer. Our point is when rich people employ their children for earning money in tender age it’s not child labour but in case of poor people with so many mouth to feed in the family with invalid parents then its child labour. If these urchins are not engaged they will create problem in society and become Maoist or terrorist in future. Money matters man money, age is secondary. With so much of rules and regulations have the western society been able to stop child pornography? Now it’s time to introspect.
Sanjoy Satpathy— A different view.

20 August 2017


Odisha's Chief Minister, Naveen Pattnaik has been awarded the best CM(administrator)prize by the editor of outlook magazine of India.We are proud of him.

14 August 2017


Mr country man:

I have been giving lecturers through out the year both inside and out side the country
hence there is nothing more to say on this day.From today on-wards this is what your government
and my government are going to do--known as Bharat Mataki--15 points programs.
1.IPL will be stopped from this year and will be played once in 4 years.It will be between top ten Ranji trophy teams.
Athletes will not be sent for international meets for 8 years, till they improve their performance and promise to get 10% medals  per number of persons going out for the meet.
2.New Hindi film production will be limited to 10 only and total films in the country will not be more than 30 per year.
3.Film stars ,cricket players salary will be less than president of India's salary by ten rupees.
4.Our war budget will be reduced by 30%.
5.Train speed will be reduced to 100 kilometers for express trains and 50 kilometers for passenger trains.
6.There will be only four closed holidays in banks, post office and government office in a year.
7.Separate hospitals for SC-ST patients.Where the employees will be from SC-ST only.
8.Prostitution will be legalized.
9.There will be separate sports event for transgender woman.
10.There will be no central aid to any state where the CM can not read or write or speak the language of the state properly.
11.Alcohol and drugs will be freely available in the country, aadhaar card mandatory
12.Due to wood shortage the dead bodies will be buried or donated to zoos.
13.Shoot at sight for rail line or road blockers
14.No income tax for family with more than four children.
15.Black people will get 20% rebate in all food items.

will meet next year if all of us are alive till then.PM India--JAI HIND.

13 August 2017


In last Olympics this is what was offered to those returned empty handed in N.Korea, where as in India the state or central or both government pays $5000 for just participating in an international tournament? With this type of attitude our country will never improve in any game except cricket because only 10 countries play it.

Failed to bag medals at Olympics, N Korean athletes asked to work in coal mines

After the Rio Olympics 2016 came to an end, it has emerged that prior to the games, the North Korean supremo Kim Jong-un had threatened the country's athletes to return home with at least 17 medals.
While the country had set a target of 17 medals, including five golds, the athletes managed to bag two golds, three silvers and two bronzes.
According to a report in The Sun, since their return, the 31-member athlete contingent has been under fire from the country's tyrant who has asked them work in coal mines.
"Those who won medals will be rewarded with better housing allocations, better rations, a car and maybe other gifts from the regime," said Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo's Waseda University.
He further said, "Those he feels have let him down are likely to be punished by being moved to poorer quality housing, having their rations reduced and, in the worst-case scenario, being sent to the coal mines as punishment."

05 August 2017


Patriotic Thoughts?
Remember Dr. Johnson’s wisdom: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.
Do we have Patriotic politicians?
Do our cricket player and sports person patriotic who fix matches?
Purchasing Islands by the Hindi Film stars and sports person are they Patriotic?
What is patriotism? Just by staying at home and watching the tricolor flag being hoisted at Delhi—Lal Killa, on Television?
Respect for the country's flag, a desire to see your nation succeed, and a deep, abiding love of your country are all patriotic expressions, but being patriotic doesn't mean you think your country's perfect — just that you love it.
Staying in comfort in NJ and supporting Indian cricket team is not patriotism!

Watching junk Indian Hindi films and telling “wonderful’ is not patriotism?
Selling off the gifted and tax rebate car is not patriotism?
Wearing Luis Philip shirts and using imported gadgets is not patriotism?
The country has a variety of citizens and each and every citizen contributes or makes India what it is at present. Some of the citizens are highly conscious of their actions and wish to change the country for the better, a few are those who are too busy dealing with their own lives and seldom think about where the country is going, and the rest are – well, just there, doing almost nothing for the country. The problem is that the current state of the country ends up being a struggle for the conscious citizen and a gala time for the ones who are not bothered, but the world knows that a day will come when the conscious citizen will change the social landscape of our country. They will rule the nation and make it worth living in.
India has a lot of drawbacks too and it is the responsibility of the citizens to do away with them. Hence, a patriotic citizen will voice his opinions on the wrong doings that happen in the country and about the things that are unjust, only to free the country from any sort of injustice.
August Month is a Patriotic Month of the year: