14 August 2017


Mr country man:

I have been giving lecturers through out the year both inside and out side the country
hence there is nothing more to say on this day.From today on-wards this is what your government
and my government are going to do--known as Bharat Mataki--15 points programs.
1.IPL will be stopped from this year and will be played once in 4 years.It will be between top ten Ranji trophy teams.
Athletes will not be sent for international meets for 8 years, till they improve their performance and promise to get 10% medals  per number of persons going out for the meet.
2.New Hindi film production will be limited to 10 only and total films in the country will not be more than 30 per year.
3.Film stars ,cricket players salary will be less than president of India's salary by ten rupees.
4.Our war budget will be reduced by 30%.
5.Train speed will be reduced to 100 kilometers for express trains and 50 kilometers for passenger trains.
6.There will be only four closed holidays in banks, post office and government office in a year.
7.Separate hospitals for SC-ST patients.Where the employees will be from SC-ST only.
8.Prostitution will be legalized.
9.There will be separate sports event for transgender woman.
10.There will be no central aid to any state where the CM can not read or write or speak the language of the state properly.
11.Alcohol and drugs will be freely available in the country, aadhaar card mandatory
12.Due to wood shortage the dead bodies will be buried or donated to zoos.
13.Shoot at sight for rail line or road blockers
14.No income tax for family with more than four children.
15.Black people will get 20% rebate in all food items.

will meet next year if all of us are alive till then.PM India--JAI HIND.

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