13 August 2017


In last Olympics this is what was offered to those returned empty handed in N.Korea, where as in India the state or central or both government pays $5000 for just participating in an international tournament? With this type of attitude our country will never improve in any game except cricket because only 10 countries play it.

Failed to bag medals at Olympics, N Korean athletes asked to work in coal mines

After the Rio Olympics 2016 came to an end, it has emerged that prior to the games, the North Korean supremo Kim Jong-un had threatened the country's athletes to return home with at least 17 medals.
While the country had set a target of 17 medals, including five golds, the athletes managed to bag two golds, three silvers and two bronzes.
According to a report in The Sun, since their return, the 31-member athlete contingent has been under fire from the country's tyrant who has asked them work in coal mines.
"Those who won medals will be rewarded with better housing allocations, better rations, a car and maybe other gifts from the regime," said Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo's Waseda University.
He further said, "Those he feels have let him down are likely to be punished by being moved to poorer quality housing, having their rations reduced and, in the worst-case scenario, being sent to the coal mines as punishment."

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