21 September 2017


The height of corruption in India was recently exposed when a very high ranking IPS (police) officer took bribe to release the terrorist and in another incident judiciary officers of high court took money to allow substandard medical college to function and to continue taking students in different medial colleges of India.

We see that in spite of all the advancements in information and communication technologies changing the life of the people of the country dramatically, the India legal system still looks like a domineering and pretentious British vestige appearing to belong to an elite class away from the people and the country. As a matter of fact, the present system of justice is totally out of place and out of time and tune with democratic procedures and norms, that please only a certain section of the society with vested interests. Therefore, there is an immediate need to restructure the entire judicial system to make it answerable to the needs of a democratic, progressive society.

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