20 September 2017


Aedes Aegypti mosquito:
                                                                                                                                I am an Aedes Aegypti mosquito with lots of responsibilities during my short life time. I have to spread dengue, chikungunya, zika, mayaro and yellow fever virus. Actually I should not be blamed for the spread of these dreaded diseases by the mankind. It is their fault which they should realize that mosquitoes neither produce nor are responsible for the spread of these diseases. If the human society had clean and unadulterated blood there should not have been any fear of mosquitoes.Our male members do not suck blood as they have joined saffron party where as our female members are blood hungry not for themselves but for their eggs in side. Human race has been fighting a losing battle against us for millions of years. In our last discussion we told them “you purify your blood and we will not transmit any disease from one to another”. For photograph sessions politicians, actress, actors and social service activist pose while another person foolishly donate blood, that to three hundred milliliters! Whereas female Aedes needs only two to three milliliters of blood for which you are using coils, DDT,Hit,Sit,many anti-mosquito repellents, nets and what not to prevent us from taking a drop of blood? We fail to understand your logic. Remember our eggs can survive without water for more than six months. After the introduction and mass use of bikini, half pants and T shirts our job has become easier due to more exposed surface. We have early morning biters, evening biters and late night biters who watch serials and blue films at night. Due to prolonged rainy season our target has been set by the team leader-a lady mosquito for the year 2017-18.
Good Bye and Good Night.

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