12 October 2017


                                                                                                            Once on a malaria workshop trip I had gone to CDRI Lucknow by flight, with Soroj Mishra in the year 2002. The meeting was a great success. The first CDRI product alpha beta arteether was tested under my chairmanship at Rourkela, IGH. Very few people know about this. Our health director was a scaredy cat was reluctant to try a new anti malarial drug at IGH.He was mortally afraid of the union. Doctor Soroj and Bhabani gave me the courage to take the responsibility and go ahead.                          
                                                                                          While returning back from Lucknow to Delhi our flight was delayed but by that time we had checked in. Around eleven in the morning it was announced that our flight is cancelled and it will be next day morning. Soroj with the train ticket from Howrah to Rourkela was running from pillar to post. I gave up because the counters were all closed and the passengers were furious. Lastly to pacify us they kept us in a star hotel. Soroj was my roommate. We were told that the lunch, evening snack and dinner and next day breakfast all will be free. Soroj was very intelligent and also a typical Brahmin who loved food. He read the menu and ordered four glasses of pure fruit juice each costing Rs: 75/, I asked him why so many? “Sir Paisa asul karna hey”. Dinner he started with sweet dish because there was no one at that table. Next day after a heavy breakfast we left for airport. The security fellow did not check our luggage once he came to know we are doctors from SAIL.I told Soroj “this is how security lapse occur”!
                                               Soroj met the airport manager and argued our point that “we have missed our connecting train?”The authority a reservation quota officer told Soroj ‘You see I do not travel by train, hence do not have any idea about refund. We do not give railway refund.”
Soroj was furious and argued the case ultimately the total amount of both the tickets was paid to us. I told Soroj “but for you I would have lost this money”. He said “in this world one should know how to get his or her dues or else someone else would take it”. I am yet to meet such an interesting, intelligent and happy go lucky type of personality in my life. Because of him I could go to Bangkok to deliver a lecture at the SARC meeting, as a faculty. He was very informal in life. He used to listen to my Odiya short stories and because of him and few of my friends I could become an Odiya short story writer. Sanjib with Soroj would come to our house to enjoy pokoda and mudhi.He never touched alcohol but acted as if he was drunk with apple fruit juice.
Soroj I miss you and your intelligent advice to me. Please excuse us for any mistake on our part which might have hurt you.
(In memory of my close friend doctor sorojkantimishra.)
PS: (Soroj is no more but the New ICU of IGH remains a solid remembrance of a great soul)

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