22 November 2017


Whether TV or News papers or what sup or gossips these few topics take the center stage.
1. What certain actors or actress or their children are doing.
Comments: as if that will make Indian GDP grow?
2. Which actress is likely to marry or get divorced?
Comments: Sadistic pleasures for some.
3. What particular family is doing at home or outside?
As if their daily activities give poor Indians good sleep?
4. What position Indian cricket team occupies in the ICC rating?
So what? It’s all money and money. Players earn even if the team loses!
5. How to reduce weight?
Everyone wants magic to do wonders to their figure!
6. How to grow one’s organ?
As if they would plough land with that? Or join pornography?
7. How to grow hair on head?
So that 2nd wife becomes a possibility?
8. How to get few lakhs by investing few thousands?
Human psychologies then blame government!
9. When Indian will go and settle on moon?
Own place has become hell moon will be cheaper, day dreaming?
10. New medicines to make you younger!
Doctor’s and pharmacy company’s tricks!
11. How to make your children stronger, taller and intelligent?
Every parent wants their children to be six footer and a beauty queen!
12. Indian creates history?
Where ever Indians are there they create history, from open lavatory to largest garland!
13. Politician sent to jail for alleged rape?
Thanks to organ developer, rape incidents will increase further.
14. World will come to an end by 2025?
So that people will purchase goods, drink alcohol, purchase house and marry ten.
15. BJD poised to win record number of seats during 2019.
By the people for the politicians!
16. Millions Indians are billionaires!
So what. People still sleep on foot path, a patriotic feeling?
17. Every five minutes a lady dies of child birth, an Indian die of heart attack, road accident, diarrhea,
Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure!
But the population is still increasing by millions!

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