27 February 2018


Indians are getting worse day by day.Majority are cowards can not fight war excepting few who actually fought against invaders in past.

We fix matches, loot banks through fraud,people are cheated by politicians.The country's destiny is decided by a bottle of rum and few hundred rupees.Nothing is going right in this country.We are pseudo moralists and argumentative and corrupt.
In my view all temples must be demolished which were built after 1947.
One temple in one state.
temples are the store house of corruptions in india.
Corruption in India is a cultural aspect. Indians seem to think nothing peculiar about corruption. It is prevalent.
Indians tolerate corrupt individuals rather than correct them.

Indians give God cash and anticipate an out-of-turn reward.

A wealthy Indian gives not cash to temples, but gold crowns and such baubles.

In June 2009, The Hindu published a report of Karnataka minister G. Janardhan Reddy gifting a crown of gold and diamonds worth Rs 45 crore to Tirupati.
India’s temples collect so much that they don't know what to do with it. Billions are gathering dust in temple vaults.
When Europeans came to India they built schools. When Indians go to Europe & USA, they build temples.
Indians believe that if God accepts money for his favors, then nothing is wrong in doing the same thing. This is why Indians are so easily corruptible.
Morally. There is no real stigma. An utterly corrupt JayaLalita can make a comeback, just unthinkable in the West. Secondly:
Indian moral ambiguity towards corruption is visible in its history. Indian history tells of the capture of cities and kingdoms after guards were paid off to open the gates, and commanders paid off to surrender.

This is unique to India.
Indians' corrupt nature has meant limited warfare on the subcontinent.
It is striking how little Indians have actually fought compared to ancient Greece and modern Europe.
The Turk's battles with Nadir Shah were vicious and fought to the finish.
In India fighting wasn't needed, bribing was enough to see off armies.
Any invader willing to spend cash could brush aside India’s kings, no matter how many tens of thousands soldiers were in their infantry.

Clive paid off Mir Jaffar and all of Bengal folded to an army of 3,000.

There are many cases where Indians participated on a large scale in treason due to bribery.

Indians do not believe in the theory that they all can rise if each of them behaves morally, because that is not the message of their faith.They do not obey the orders of highest court because they are all corrupt and their mind and blood is filled with filth.India will disintegrate to smaller countries in another hundred years.

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