05 March 2018


                                                                 There is a thin line which separates these two, in sex—crime—politics and war. We should not expect moral values from others in the present world a moral act is one that does not cause harm to others, or an act that may cause harm but is justifiable. Religion and morality are not synonymous. Morality does not depend upon religion although for some, this is "an almost automatic assumption. Conceptually and in principle, morality and a religious value system are two distinct kinds of value systems or action guides." Immorality, on the other hand, refers to acts and behavior that are not condoned by society. These are acts that are considered to be immoral or ethically questionable.  However, the acts that are defined as immoral may vary from society to society or from culture to culture. For example, wearing a bikini or even a short skirt for that matter may be acceptable in one culture, whereas it may be considered immoral in another. Hence, it can be said that the main difference between sin and immorality is the fact that sin mainly backed by religion, whereas immorality is backed by social norms and beliefs.
The debate goes on with  friend's views.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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