09 April 2018


                                                      My grandfather (GF) who an excellent astrologer once told me ‘Gemini’ was my birth sign as per the “Jatak”. So I grew up looking at different astrological magazine about my future. My GF had predicted lots of foreign visits for my elder brother- he went out 72 times. My Father had no foreign visits lines, as per my GF, the prediction came true. My weakness for astrology became more deep rooted when a particular astrologer of our locality had told his sons the year, date and time of his death, which was hundred percent correct.
I was not a great believer of those predictions because nothing happened to me as per prediction. Then I purchased some Cheiro’s books and started reading them about the meaning of lines in my hand and forehead! The most important being the life line did not mention in the book whether it’s from below upwards or just the reverse!
                                      As a doctor we look at patients hand and fingers & nails (now a forgotten art) which actually tells us about his blood condition, liver, heart, nervous system and many more things. During my career as a doctor I used to look at my patient’s life line without their knowledge, those who expired had a very short life line. The manual labourers working inside Steel Plant had only three lines nothing else. A  Down's syndrome (mongoloid) child has only two lines. Astrology claims that nothing in life is coincidental and everything that happens to us happens for a particular reason.   Lines in hand fingers change as you grow.         
                                                  Coming to my zodiac sign another expert told me ‘your zodiac sign is Aeries as per English calendar’. After that I started reading both Gemini and Aries predictions, which ever was closer to my liking, I thought that’s it? But after my retirement another astrologer told me my Zodiac sign is Scorpio! Now I got confused which one to read as a time pass. Now a days I go on reading about predictions as per zodiac sign in Gemini—Aries---Scorpio, till I fall asleep, it’s very confusing.
                                              The latest approach by me is not to read those Zodiac sign predictions, because some predict for the day, another for a week, some for month and another for the whole year! Remember they have to cover both sexes, from college going students to very old people, hence to please everyone they make a balanced statement. There are plenty of weak minded people who visit multiple hospitals, temples and go on consulting astrologers about their health, monetary condition, property and promotions prospects in job. Young people are more concerned about examinations, love affairs and marriage life. We call them neurotic personality.
If you believe in any of the mysterious science from Bastu Sastra to Palmistry do it but do not fall into wrong hands and lose your chastity, property and reputation. If unemployed you can temporarily try astrology and palmistry near courts.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy M.D.FCCP.Dip Yoga.

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