07 May 2018



Some people use the left hand for certain purpose and right for some other purpose. There ambidextrous persons who can use both the hands with equal efficiency. They can write, bat, bowl, catch or eat in both hands with ease but their numbers are only 1% where as lefties are 10%.Majority of the men or women are right handed. We do not know the reason, because the manufacturer is not traceable? In modern era some celebrities just to show off, give their autograph with left hand! Some say left hander and ambidextrous persons have less IQ. Of late few bowlers have come out of different countries that are ambidextrous. A batsman dominated game called cricket has a set of rule for bowlers, they have to inform the umpire that he or she is going to bowl in left hand instead of his usual right hand where as a batsman can hit as he likes with left or right-hand without informing the bowler, strange rules? Where as in foot ball one can kick with right or left foot at ease without informing anyone! Luckily there is no reservation policy in India, for left hander in government job or in politics.

The left hand is controlled by right hemisphere and vice versa. The speech center is on the left side in right handed persons. Those who are right handed persons lose speech (but can write) if they develop a stroke of on left hemisphere resulting in right sided paralysis. Nature has divided the specialist jobs for left and right hands. But left handed persons are not supposed to shake hands with the dirty hand as some call it. Even waving of left hand is considered as bad manners.

Except in sports and games left handed person are mostly handicapped in the right hand dominated world.

Thanks for reading.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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